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Landlords note card and playing cards to learn skills

Landlords are loved by many players, but not everyone knows how to play Landlords, many players lose lost money do not know where, in fact, Landlords in the note card, the cards have a doorway, today Landlords explain to you a few tips in mind licensing and playing cards.

First, keep in mind that over the cards. Remember that the card over, to the late will know whether there is bombing outside, and whether they have the maximum sign face.

Second, remember that if the landlords have been out of cards, this is very simple, but many people will forget.

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Third, remember the big hands of others, the beginning remember the "King" "2" "A" on it, the latter gradually increased. This is not easy to remember, but also to calculate, in whose hand is calculated big, accurate rate should reach more than 90%, this may sound difficult, but try to do, then you will find that you can do it slowly.

On the basis of the note card, we can conclude that some of the cards skills.

For landlords under the house, it began to be able to pay attention to what skills, as long as the run card, seek first the finish line. On the landlord's house to play cards require more complex skills, it simply is "more pressure" and "attack less."

"More pressure" is used to suppress the big landlords licensing, landlords estimated license type, if more than a single card, you must crushed by big, big split at the right. You can press the "K", "A", "Q" , "2", "J" in order to pressure.

First-out "K" of the benefits that can be tempted Have A landlord or 2, or to force the landlord to break open big right, if the landlord of the A, 2 at home can also be resisted.

"Less offensive", that is, if the landlord or less single card brand is weak, you can straight out of a single brand, so the landlord cards uncomfortable. But try to hold landlords to run a single card 10 or less.

Landlord cards have skills, is "depressed home, put home", the home as long as a small brand, the landlord can take advantage of the cards to go along.

Landlords are many techniques, one unspeakable do, more skill, a lot of need in actual combat experience summed up.

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