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Landlords use techniques of good airplane card type

In the Landlords, the aircraft type is a player very popular brand of card type, since more than one can out off the cards, while on the tube plate few, but good use of the aircraft is a science.

In general, as the aircraft is more difficult to manage the cards, players get the cards right, will direct the play, but the aircraft with what brand? It is to be noted that, as far as possible to their own good and then played cards type group, such as 3,455,667 and JJJQQQ, this time hit the plane, it must be with 56, instead of the belt 34, so as to set the best card type.

Sometimes, we have planes, but the composition of the aircraft would be split fried, that when used aircraft when used fried? This according to their own situation to decide, for example, you are more big, no fried to obtain licensing rights, So on the demolition bombing aircraft to go, on the contrary, if you are less big, or card type is better, no aircraft with the words, you do not have to dismantle fried, with 3 with 1,3-go licensing model with 2, it is completely.

The aircraft is not a panacea, for example, you take the farmers, if calculated on the landlord's card may be in possession of your aircraft, or a little slow, look at the situation call it, do not send cards to the landlord. No matter what, be flexible, according to utilize skills to their own circumstances, so as to win every battle, get a satisfactory earnings in the Landlords.

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