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How to use poker Tui Paijiu

Pai Gow though fun, but because inconvenient to carry which limits the spread of Pai Gow game. But it beat the intelligent Chinese people, people invented a play by Tui Paijiu replace the traditional dominoes, although in feel than not on the domino, but because it's easy to carry, play the same stimulation they still have a lot of players to follow. So how to use poker Tui Paijiu it? Do not worry Let's talk about carefully.

First, the nine basic rules of poker

First select a chip, then licensing. Have a few cards to you. You can stay five cards to the highest player area, and then choose two to the second-highest player area. Just point card you can choose brand a. five players (ie highest player) cards than some two players (ie, the second-highest player) is large, you can click a button to automatically scoreboard let the computer functions of your scoreboard.

Dealer's cards will follow open. If the dealer hands of cards than your big, then you lose. If you Marketer cards than the dealer is large, then it is a draw, your bet will be returned to you. If you handed big cards than the dealer's, then you win, according to 1: 1 ratio to win the 5% bonus will be deducted as commission.

Second, nine poker card size (below is in accordance with the order of ascending row)


Two of the same rank, but greater than or equal to J, for example: J, Q, K, A

Two pairs

Two pairs of the same rank Example: 4 (clubs), 4 (squares), J (hearts), J (spades), A (clubs)

Three with No.

Three of the same rank Example: 9 (clubs), 9 (diamonds), 9 (hearts), A (spades), 8 (clubs)


Five Lian plate (A can be used as a maximum or minimum card) Example: 5 (clubs), 4 (diamonds), 3 (hearts), 2 (spades), A (clubs)

same color

Five cards of the same suit, for example:. K (squares), J (diamonds), 9 (diamonds), 6 (diamonds), 3 (squares), 2 (squares)


Three of the same rank and another two of the same rank, for example:. K (Plum), K (squares), K (hearts), 4 (spades), 4 (clubs)

With the number four

Four of the same rank Example: 5 (clubs), 5 (Red), 5 (spades), 5 (diamonds)


Five cards of the same suit, for example, and even numbers: 10 (squares), 9 (diamonds), 8 (diamonds), 7 (diamonds), 6 (diamonds)

Royal flush

The highest levels of licensing all five cards of the same suit, for example, and even numbers:. A (hearts), K (hearts), Q (hearts), J (hearts), 10 (hearts)

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