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Landlords skill deck of cards

Landlords Although there are two poker games are played and a poker play, but when it comes Landlords game people first thought must be a deck of cards Landlords, because a number of players cards Landlords game a little more. And because cards less than half, it is relatively simple to play a little more suitable for entertainment. If you can master the following skills deck Landlords, Landlords play a card can be said to be even more powerful online Landlords winning it would be a natural thing a.

First, the "one brand landlord" can take a pair, ie three different cards can take a zero card, such as 555, you can take any number, such as 5554.

Second, in general, "King bombing" is score doubled the size of the King Wang fried (larger than all the cards).

Third, as is the number three plus two together together, can even out (Board at the start of negotiable).

Such as 3331,4442, can be connected together out of 3,334,441; and as with the pair may also be, as 3,334,446,677;

Fourth, the use of the bomb, the bomb is four cards of the same;

Using a: directly out of four is fried (such as a deep-fried the score double, each out of a deep-fried are turning once-fold).

Use two: Can be used with two single brand, such as 4444 (4 fried) can be used with 2,3 to 444,423, but can not be doubled.

Use three: Can be used with two pair, such as 4444 (4 fried) can be used with 22,33 to 44,442,233, but can not be doubled.

Use four: Can be used with a single card and a pair, such as 4444 (4 fried) can be used with 2,33 to 4,444,233, but also can not be doubled.

Five score doubled:

A. When a pair of hand beginning, local primary DRAW completed, can no barrier in the hands of cards become a monk, and another chance to even the cards are not. So, you can score double.

B. Landlords out first hand, the pressure is the other party, and then another bite out of the hands of all the cards from the finish, but the landlord has not been out of cards in addition to the first hand after the establishment of scores doubled.

Six, three cards visible: there are three cards deck of cards "Landlords", the landlord at the time of collecting the cards, the need to brand emerged, three are visible.

Seven, can be more than three pairs of consecutive numbers to even out.

Eight, allowed out straight (ie five from consecutive digits)

Nine, "a brand Landlords" mostly bottom into 1 minute, from the call up to 3 hours after a bomb such as the cards can be doubled or Babel points up, and this concise characteristic is "a brand Landlords "the attraction.

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