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Fried Golden Tips - quietly winning secure

Golden fried play the most important thing is what some people say that we should be bold, dare to gamble;? Some people said to be "deceptive" "Ze Hu"; some people say to be able to grasp the opportunity, which of course are very important, However, the most important thing is a "stable" word.

Some very boring very introverted players, when playing Golden fried often winning, why? Just because they dull, joy, anger, without form or color, to get a good hand does not seem very happy, not a bad brand It will become depressed, others can not speculate cards in their hands, naturally can not win them.

Bombing of the Golden Flower "stability", not only reflected in the look of stability, but also reflected in the steady bet.

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When you good fortune to get a good hand, you must want to raise-bet, right? Before you do, first you have to control their facial expressions, do not be discerned by others, while others observe case, speculate about how they got the card, if there is certain of winning, then a little bit slowly raise, to lure opponent calls, you can behave more hesitant expression, of course, do not be too deliberate a. If you do not win grasp, slowly made the call at the same time pay close attention to the opponent, the always adjust strategy.

When you're bad luck, bad hands when you get one, do not rush to fold, always discard it, your routine can easily be seen through, observe your opponents, what his status is, if it is very excited, or do so calm, it may be true big, or fold is wonderful, but if the opponent looks nothing volatility, betting and deliberately ferocious, then he is very likely to bluff, if you are a moderate card type, the courage to grasp it. This time the key is a "stable" word, when caught to be bold, to be abandoned when more decisive, found the situation does not immediately give up, do not bet all the net worth of a brand.

Just keep "stable", which you will gradually find that winning in the bombing of the Golden Flower, is not so difficult.

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