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Detailed Landlords "spring" rule

Landlords is a skill very strong poker game, landowners and farmers wits, farmers need to cooperate closely to defeat the landlords; the landlord must find ways to hinder cooperation between farmers, to pre-empt a complete licensing purposes.

Landlords in the "spring" rule refers landlord licensing, farmers failed to send out a card, is the spring. Correspondingly, the "anti-spring" refers to a card before kick landlord failed to send a card, and farmers successfully completed card. To successfully play the "spring" or "anti-Spring" is a certain skill. Here we analyze some of the cards by example, to explore how to "spring" or "anti-chun ʱ??

Brand Example: 334,599 landlords King, the home 10JQKAA, temporarily do not mind this at home, you are the landlord, how to fight it.?

If the pair first, then back home on AA, then no matter how to fight, landlords have to go away. Correct play is to a 4, on top of the house if A king recovered, then hit the pair can finish. This can be seen, to play the main spring, we should try first-out single cards, or cards can be recovered.

Brand Example: landlords 34,455,678 king, the home 33910JQKA, at home temporarily not remember.

If you hit a straight, you can recover the house, and then finish the landlord helpless. Therefore, the correct play is to hit 4 home on top, the king recovered, then whisk straight, this time not on a home on the tube on can successfully finish.

It can be seen, when the landlord cards, you should not rush to play straight, but should be placed in the back.

Player play and landlords there are differences, the key point: less a single brand Player not single out alone to major difficulties, the cards are not so smooth not to find their own path to the landlord send a single brand..

Junko will have to divide the case, if they will soon be gone, you can hit straight, if it difficult to walk away, then it is not out, left behind might even tube landlords, like the above cards Examples same.

"Spring" technique is a relatively complex, the two cards above examples only relatively simple

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