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Blackjack: one or more doors?

Gamblers play blackjack Thinking

Blackjack players will be faced with a problem: the face with a dealer, open a door or multiple doors most blackjack table has seven doors, and common dealer to fight then you?. All bets should be placed in one of the seven gates in the door, or will it be separated into the two-door or more doors?

If you are experienced, always know how to deal with all kinds of hands, in the long run, to open a door or gate has little impact on winning. However, it seems that one or more players to the poker table and always frequently discussed topic. It is how pointless it?

In fact, this proposition is not without value. Let us look at the combination of chips. If you decide to bet 1,000 Hong Kong dollars, an open, only hand dealers face card, win or lose, or draw one-shot deal. If you put these 1,000 HK into the two-door, you have two hands the dealer cards face-win situation so much: his hands are winning hands are lost, an output of a win, a win and a one and one lose, there may be hands and all. If HK $ 1,000 three or four points, win or lose change even more.

We mentioned before, in the long run to open a door or winning almost no difference. This conclusion is based on always adopt a strategy, and the game has a long-term perspective. Previously we discussed before, every hand in the face Dealer starting hands have a fair value. If you choose the best style of play, in the long run you will always get the fair value. If you insist on long-term thinking, fair value will become the primary factor that will heal open more doors in. In the long run, to open more doors are open, but the result of an accumulation.

However, it is worth particular. When the chips come with a certain table, focus on a much larger than on the more immediate risk of the door, there is a lot between the results with the cards on the table despite the different doors association. From our above for 1,000 Hong Kong dollars to open a door of winning or losing and more analysis is not difficult to come to this conclusion.

Then, in the casino playing blackjack, what betting is the best choice?

My advice is to vary our capabilities. If you have experienced and have a deep understanding of the game, and frequented the difference open a door and open more doors is almost negligible, but it depends on their willingness to take a risk and the. (such as when your average bet relative to your total chips larger proportion) if you want to reduce floating game result, the chips can be a few doors apart.

If you are a beginner, not familiar with the game, I would recommend that the number of door open, the better, it might be all your eggs in one basket, only to open a door so that you can become familiar with the game, the accumulated experience. When When you play more doors, decisions made by the more, and therefore more prone to errors, it may be the greater loser.

Finally, also worth mentioning. Sometimes a player will be turned on or off one way, the dealer therefore get a strong winning numbers (such as 10 or A), if the number of gates is because there is a change, he should get a bad hands (such as 4, 5 or 6). At this time, others who often accuse turned on or off a player. In fact, this unfair, because the dealer because the change in the number of gates the opportunity to get a weak hand when you would have to get a strong hand is the same. Perhaps human nature, the players remember the former seems to be more a situation.

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