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Blackjack: Tears defeated army

Blackjack defeated army Tears

Blackjack in a more ambiguous rule is "surrender." Many players do not know it exists, but most of the players, although aware of this rule, but do not know when to use our Blackjack expert Andrew Scott Mr. and principals in this analysis together with everyone here, "Tears of the defeated army."

"Surrender" rule in Macau has existed for decades, and this is unique in the game of blackjack Macau. Macau's "surrender" by blackjack experts considered to be "non-face ACE early fall." . What does that mean? And you instantly to surrender, only to lose half your bet and how to make chips you win more?

"Surrender" is defined in blackjack when you stage, to get two cards, immediately give up to continue the game. In general, you hand in your chips draw a line schematically dealer you surrender, the dealer will will take away half your stack, the other half back to you, you hand in this game is over. Some blackjack games have won half of the rules, rather than lose half (when you took five cards, The total number of points is less than 21 or 21), but it rarely met. "surrender" the advantage is that you only lose half, but the drawback is that you must be lost. If you do not "surrender", you may and dealers play and even beat the dealer!

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