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Blackjack: 17:00 embarrassment

To play blackjack cards to 17 points

Blackjack players are aware that the dealer must be suspended to 17 points, which is the rule. However, the players get 17 points is not necessarily the suspension, then to continue bidding it?

Blackjack "textbook" tell us not to get the bid after 17 o'clock, but many players are not satisfied, can not help but then to one, particularly in the face of 8 bookmakers and greater winning numbers. Thus approach, right?

Let us look at the opportunity of 17:00. If you choose to bid, then 13 cards from 2 to A, can help us to improve the brand has 2,3,4, and AA to give us a little plus, improved to 18 points; 2 give us 19 points; 3. give us 20 points best is 4, give us a blackjack, almost invincible, unless the dealer got the "Black Jack" This is four, the other cards (5,. 6,7,8,9, J, Q and K) will make our 17:00 ringing off the hook. Makers have not bid, we have to fail out, even with the bookmakers to play and the chance to lose, not to mention there are village explosion possible.

You can see from the above example, there are 13 cards in four can help us improve, 9 make us completely lost opportunity in other words, we get 17 points, the bid 31 percent chance of increase, we can not guarantee victory.; while 69% of the time we will end in failure.

Indeed, when we play blackjack to get 17 points, their hands are likely unhappy because it is fighting itself is not strong. Dealer if bid to 17:00, we played, and besides it as long as he is not ringing off the hook, even bigger than we would win.

That's why we got 17 points in the embarrassing situation in blackjack table do not bid it, no chance to win; if the bid, the loser may be greater is not difficult to conclude that, in the face of embarrassment. when 17 points, the right decision should be suspended.

Blackjack game is full of all kinds of ambiguous decisions. For example, our 8-8 (16 points) on the dealer's 10, not to bid? Our 9-9 (18 points) on the dealer's 9, scoreboard or suspended? examples from the current and previous discussions, there is a principle seems to emerge, and that is a decision about when to swing, we should be based on considerations which can make decisions to maximize the benefits, or which can make the decision minimize loss.

Once we can answer this question, but also there will be some decisions to make, and we should always adhere to when problems of this principle

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