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Blackjack is played with skill

Blackjack players have a lot, but to winning blackjack is not so simple, often there are some factors that hinder us, then playing blackjack when needed attention to? I believe we are all familiar play blackjack , in the use of these techniques familiar play or pay attention at some point, and share with you the following Xiaobian play blackjack skills.

First, the dealer's cards face at 6:00 the following are referred to the opportunity to face, while you hold the cards for the 12:00 time, most people thought that it was the opportunity to face, this time you might wait until the dealer ringing off the hook, this is actually Mental errors.This time you and the dealer may have explosion.Bo card you want, in addition to dolls, any card you will not burst, why should it give up the opportunity Bo card?The proportion of dolls and small card, is 16 to 36, if you encounter such a situation, rather than the words of Bo card.That I am here to advise you, or do not play blackjack is wonderful.The basic theory of tactics, but also provides the cards to hold your hand 13 points or 13 points or more, then it is no longer necessary Bo card.

The second is the case of the dealer cards face 3:00, and the cards you hold for 12 points, it should be considered to be rich without licenses. However, at the time, or 13 points or more, will not have to brand the blog This is your only chance to blog a card, then stopped. This is in DC is very taboo.

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The third case is when the dealer's cards face 4,5,6 point, you held cards to 12:00, or 12:00 or more, regardless of what kind of point, do not need to blog.Naturally, some people think, making the sign face is 2:00, held by 12 points, it must be Bo card.Dealer's face is 3:00, the same held 12:00 to Bo card, and now the dealer cards face, it is time to 4,5,6 point, and as long as 12 or more points, you do not have Bo card that in the sense seems to be justified! Everyone should know that the dealer cards face is 2:00, you held by 12:00, there are many opportunities Bo card and will not burst, because you do not want to burst without Bo card, but just hope the dealer automatically explode! And at 3:00 also have the same situation, the dealer once it is time to 4,5 points or 6:00, according to the precise calculation of the rate of opportunity, the dealer will burst great opportunity, so you have to hold points at 12:00 or more, are not necessary to Bo card it!

The fourth case, the dealer's cards is face 7,8,9 point or when the A's, you held cards, is 17 points or less, it must be Bo card.

These are the winning blackjack play skills, these points to our attention, they can help you win the match to a large extent, it may also lead to lose, so we can not ignore these play skills.

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