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Talk about betting point theory

My betting theory have so little, that is: betting more, the greater the likelihood of mistakes, the less room for profit.

Two world wars, the German submarine has been in a leading position, in addition to the important goal of combating allies warships, cargo ships but also its attacks. For a time, the European transport routes and external substances, everywhere bloodshed, German submarines lurking under the sea Many will undoubtedly become hell messenger freighter United States and its allies regard the loss of a lot of cargo every year, especially without the protection of a cargo ship is more like lamb to be slaughtered, ambush sank freighter injured the US and its allies suffered huge losses, especially since the Pacific War, the US Navy by the Japanese forces to contain the freighter to Europe even less protection, more losses.

Behind thanks to a mathematician, he assembled a team of zero cargo, at least four or five cargo ships in convoy through German sea blockade results suffered greatly reduces the chance of a German submarine, thereby reducing the number of freighter attacked , although it also wiped out when a team of freighters, but overall, still greatly reduce the loss of allies.

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Many of my friends are analyzing the game were very own experience, under normal circumstances, not 70-80% certainty will not be shot. That's a math problem, betting game hit the probability is 80 percent, betting two is 0.8X0.8 = 0.64, only 64% of the possible two full; the three games 0.8X0.8X0.8 = 0.51, only half of the possible all-in and this is the heart of water accuracy rate relatively stable situation. achievements. three games two, one mistake, in general is a good score, but the chance to see the results appear, only a little more than Liu Cheng, net gaming company level, profits less, while a separate one field Bet, ran out 80% chance.

This is a purely mathematical point of view, and how to judge the heart of water has nothing to do. Of course, this also has put all your eggs in one basket to put all the risk, but I still insist that the bets the less, the greater the possibility of winning, the probability of errors lower. one night at every turn down more than a dozen friends bet twenty venues, profitability geometry?

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