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Discussion SJM reverse opening

SJM out preliminary reference plate and fully disclosed specific meaning and true intentions are unknown. But when it comes back opening, SJM has a strange phenomenon, also counted as a law it (do not know whether to call the law of appropriateness). That Chupan let the ball square, in the transferee by the injection into the match result is often Chupan Handicap parties (ie by injection plate transferee) Final Win. (accuracy rate reached alarming proportions), but broadly in line with the premise needs the following conditions:

(1) to keep the ball Chupan party by the injection into the transferee, Handicap shall be symmetrical (ie Chupan A (let) hemisphere B, by the injection plate should be B (let) hemisphere A, this is the basic point ) Handicap gradually increased or decreased (elevator tray), strictly speaking, can not be considered as a "reverse opening." shall correspond with the initial reference Handicap by the injection plate, keeping the entertained (at least to start 20 minutes before the game in the Pro or 10 minutes Handicap change did not happen)

(2) Chupan let the ball side, when going to the transferee, shall be formally accepted by the injection plate bets to change. That is immediately transformed into Chupan Handicap party transferee prolonged gradually led to changes by water level changes Handicap and frequent changes in the final form of the odds Chupan inverse Handicap also not be regarded as a "reverse opening."

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(3) Under normal circumstances, SJM's initial reference to "reverse opening", will be making out with other Asian Handicap contrary preliminary reference.(There are a number of small bookmakers Handicap possible plagiarism SJM).Given the preliminary reference to other bookmakers and SJM Handicap consistent, and by the injection of all (generally with 'Asian Banker' 'Asian Handicap active' Yibo '' Ladbrokes 'Weide' mainstream gaming companies and other Asian dish reference) is adjusted to get the ball square becomes the transferee, can not be counted on strict "reverse opening".Often this is a large change in fundamentals, forcing the gaming company to change its position or adjust the reference data caused.Attendant often standard disc is also the occurrence of significant changes.If this happens to pay close attention to the game and access to both sides of the recent data and news.

(4) tie plate typically does not exist 'reverse opening' Handicap on, even if the water level between the upper and lower plate upside down, can not be counted as 'reverse opening'.

(5) SJM standard disc and the disc is more complex relationship in Asia, can be seen as unity of opposites and complementary nature of the two play the same football betting. As I collected enough data, the system still can not be summarized, summary Click Aocai 'reverse opening' is and its standard disc contact (change). I hope when 'reverse opening' standard disc friend research wing one, two, be grateful.

This is generally 'reverse opening' needs several conditions, there may be errors, omissions, I hope you point out. For example, the Premier League Manchester United hemisphere / a ball in the League Middlesbrough and Connaught domain Governance tie / hemisphere Derbyshire, strictly speaking, there are several conditions related to deviate from the above, do not meet the 'reverse opening' conditions. So the opposite end result and 'reverse opening' of the "law" of the results.

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