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A professional gambler juniors share [a]

Recently very grateful friends and reminding senior care and inspiration. The following text ... it is my humble way to pay tribute to the younger Mr. ED! I hope in the future have to have time to update, sincerely hope to help want to embark on career newcomers can walk less detours. owners and masters to laugh it off it.

Today, battle ground in Australia to speak two Baccarat phenomenon more common to see little brother and my reactions.

First: kill - old boy long talk.In Australia there is a saying: Pakistan left and right a bar.For example: to sit down and read a few mouthfuls, I feel very at ease in water, the results of what he died, then Mario has died, but added even in the same stage of the two, the results themselves and see if they think punctuality, any connection with big results around the same side, the result has to die, "take the wreck"??Own black??Results continue with a look at this port in Dawei died, was actually his first ideas.The dealer kill me??We assume that the clock back about --- if you can do this: at the beginning of forbearance hand look at a few bites, see a very reassuring water, which is above said first port, you come down, hold back, the results explode, so your first Used will not doubles, and choose to wait and see or a little push.Lose, you also slightly injured a mouthful, and then the next time such a large circumference, you'll have mental alertness, and to the fourth port if you will do great opposite Wai??Oh, I say this is to say actually kill is there, but the killer is himself instead of the dealer.

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Second: straight sets - every day is to count to chase after Australia and from Australia, in addition to debt collection is the chase number.Another example: starting point for a little money, a lot of money did not move, lost the first battle, change the channel, or the same input, change the field is still the same today, stop tomorrow battles..Results tomorrow or yesterday repeated the same scene.Taiwan is not busy I?Field is not busy I?I have these days is too dark?We assume that back in time at --- whether you can do: Do ​​not approach the first step to the rear, with their own money, I said that the first change is the last money, like an actor to be successful must become role.Can not enter?That you do not approach for cash.You'll find that you enter extra careful, bet frequency will be very slow, it is not anxious to shuffle 24 hours with him, you will find when you really care about the hands you will feel surrounding code is not noisy, because you go his own world, your subconscious knows you've got the money, which is emboldened, note that your subconscious mind, can be seen as a hope rather than sustenance! Why do you say?Because then you will not be afraid to sit there even if there did not dare look at the situation also missed a good way, it is precisely because you get into this role, you will be very careful.Fault rate decreases.I say this is to say, stop-loss and profit must be based on careful highly centralized premise, not to be called emboldened me money and dazzled.No pressure will slowly become crushed your.So avoid straight sets victory heart opener advantage is a continuation of the arms behind you!

The corpses of Montreal where a lot of money from how many people are very emboldened become penniless, living on the streets. Maybe someday you'll once again go accountant, tears shining tears of victory, I do not care how many digital memories bits and pieces from the past, they would understand Pianmen is hardly worth the effort, not something for nothing, but more bumpy!

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