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The success of gambling in the casino of the players

People often say "flutter builds big bet beverages."But many of them are from flutter gambling began, people often say blowing into one day wins three or five hundred lacks the problem, such as let you win a month in a row, this lucky enough it, every day Sanwubaiwan, also won more than 10,000 a month, you'll want it likened to a small white-collar strong.This is addicted to gambling began, but then one day you lose three hundred, the situation may not be the same, you'll want to win another one of those money back, so you will hit more capital to go fishing for the so-called thirty-five hundred, this is called "hard six months, the night returned to liberation" a few people could get really afford to let go?

For example, for example, fired a 20 long village, how much money you win? A eucalyptus is "too long, do not buy, under less of it, or push it flat ..." The vast majority of people will like this example dry, so I want to conquer the heart really simple ah! casino who has never been afraid of you winning, the fear is that you do not come.

There is a policy issue, due to and from the number of passes, so do everyone to Macau, like go to the market like the individual, than eating a stimulant also excited, everyone holding the determination to win, and then There boil oil lamps, for fear the casino will float like. casino 24 hours a day, in three shifts, you're a man, in the spirit you have is lost at the starting point, you got to boil long? 1 day? 2 day? three days?

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The reason why send the stickers, it is actually their own heart have experience, arrived in Macau, I also had a little setback because of gambling a bit, but in my efforts, very tenacious stand up, big key or on their own perseverance. Again is a variety of gamblers working relationship contacted in order to obtain these valuable experience.

Just beginning to see them lose money, do a little sad, that the passage of time there is no feeling. I have tried many ways to persuade them, but almost no one willing to listen to me, repeatedly advised not to listen, I do not care. Anyway, they lost Money not my thing, I can earn a winning tip.

Gamblers features: red underwear tights necessary (hence Macao red clothing as powerful as ever), cigarette lighter with red relationship must have, (the most common is the DHS, so this old brand of permanent decline) which is gambler The most basic package. Because of this relationship, I found my wardrobe red clothing more and more, there is no shortage guests sent. But I feel like gambling with these red stuff is not detached it, a matter of opinion!

Have you ever gamble should have thought about this problem, very sorry to lose time, to win more time to regret lost time has been complaining that he was too impulsive too brainless, why bring so much money to gamble, but there is no regret, Even if you do not eat there. win when more regret, regret why they then too soft, did not dare to bet a little more, so that you can win a little. So the conclusion is that no matter win or lose more than most people would choose some regret way.

General lose is inevitable, win or accidental, but occasionally one is that you begin to fall into the abyss, so my friend first came to Macau, I have great hope that they will lose money. I did not mind too bad, but I can not bear them fall into the abyss can not extricate themselves.

Each new gamblers know, I will talk with them, teach them to point the way through gambling, but years of accumulated know-how not win, I will tell them that gambling is the most prime time 3 hole cards (normal bet yes, there is a hole card 8) per hole cards playing time is about half an hour to one hour or so, and gambling money to have an upper limit, do not chase numbers.(Because within three hours of normal brain be full calm, more than 3 times the hole cards, it would impulse.Although 99.99% did not listen, but I would be tried) on the above mentioned articles is a lot of gamblers on the table games on the endless lighting boil the oil, which is a kind of morbid, almost hopeless, is said to be a kinds of psychiatric medication can control, but now I have not seen people take medicine.If you are surrounded by such a pathological gambler, perhaps you can take them to look wise psychiatric.You might be able to save.

Most Need 0.01% of people who let me hit, the man regarded as one of Macau to play all of the most wonderful, I introduce to you look.Every time he took me to all early in the morning to eat breakfast, then to the beach Morning over one hour, a sweat back to the hotel after a shower, then around 9:00 and then took hundreds of thousands of casino play for a while, usually time will not too, to win two thousand is gone, is gone to win 10,000, will lose 5,6 Wan.To 12:00 regardless of winning or losing the first meal, every day on the bet that one or two back (although I know he's worth hundreds of millions should have, but he is also the most sensible I've seen), but this guest for me is the most painful, he Every time I am very painful to get up 6:30! other crazy gamblers almost all night, it is not suited to ING

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