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Pius Heinz acquire World Poker Tour tournaments

Recently, the German player Pius Heinz defeated lasted six hours knockout Czech player Marfin Staszko, won the World Poker Tour Main Event champion, and won up to 8,715,638 dollars in prize money, while second place for his Staszko He won 5,433,086 dollars in prize money. The players from the United States won the game Ben Lamb is third place prize of 4,021,138 dollars.

As a leader in the 6865 area, Heinz most get the championship contest. Meanwhile, Heinz was the first ever summit of German WOSP Main Event. Even so, the playoffs are still very thrilling.

Staszko has been in control of the pace of the game. In the event of different scoring points, Staszko though they have 75 percent of betting chips, however, it has failed to complete phase-out Heinz. "I had no cards in hand, so I just concentrate on on your own game. "Heinz expressed after the game.

Heinz said after almost through before the start of the broadcast has also been a little confidence. "I found that every time I lose time, Martin has a good hand," Heinz represents. "In a game then a game of failure indeed I do not know the opponent is bluffing, however, he found that he just has a good hand later, gave me a lot of confidence. "

In most nights to catch up after Staszko, Heinz finally defeated at 10c-7c-Ks in Staszko.Staszko after Consideration called Qc-9c.Heinz then turned Ah-Qh to the game play to the extreme. Cards of 3 Zhang Hongtao, and the six of spades river without any help Staszko, Heinz will stack with this turn of 100 million 62.3 million, while Staszko then slipped to 43.6 million.

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