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New Jersey "to legalize sports betting" overwhelmingly adopted

After two years of efforts to adhere to, "sports betting" the ultimate in New Jersey overwhelmingly approved. Voting final 65% support this bill passed.

"After this series of long and difficult process, finally passed to legalize sports betting, and we are very excited." IMFGA Joe Brennan Jr, head of representation.

The New Jersey citizens are involved in the development of state-level legislation in the past, support for sports betting amend relevant content. And this is precisely the referendum became the ultimate cause of the dramatic shift in government attitude. Amendment Act depends most the views of citizens, Brennan expressed.

According to reports, the relevant report of the bill has been formed: However, the state does not seem referendum on the "Sports Betting" issues play a significant role in the state's casinos and racetracks started accepting bets players take a very long time.

"It's no longer just a scholarly debate on the current federal law and the will of the citizens of New Jersey had a conflict in accordance with federal law, once developed out of the will of the people, but now it affects the lives of citizens and contrary to the citizens of New Jersey I wish, and all this, will be decided by the court. And this undoubtedly will undoubtedly own shortcomings storm drain and further collapse. "

"As long as the Ministry of Justice to understand the exact time 20 years ago when they first enacted PASPA in the end what has been done, we can certainly avoid all the court battle and consumption. We can avoid all this happening, no matter how many players choose to note down every day, Compared to the high cost fares on licensed team, players still prefer their own ranks. "

"If the Union and its supporters want to maintain the integrity of the game, then they need to learn with open arms to accept these terms, because Muffliato destined impossible makes people more alert."

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