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Betting wonderful world

Modern life, playing the game has is that we work after extracting a good way, especially betting, entertainment can make money either, though I myself have never played, but my son played soccer lottery, win or lose I never I asked.

Betting play to the physical realm is probably a unique, but recently did it happen, which is on the CERN Large Hadron Collider whether God particle discovery Handicap opened this year. Spend nearly ten billion euros to build a large-scale Hadron Collider set nearly 100 countries, more than the force of ten thousand scientists and engineers, the aim is to find the so-called God particle.

What is the God particle?Term Higgs particle physicists is that this is a strange particle, and almost all the particles of nature have coupled and given the quality of these particles.It is because of its special position in particle physics, American experimental physicist Leon Lederman in a popular science books in this particle called the God particle.God particle Another distinctive feature is that it is perhaps the only nature spinless particles, at least is true in the standard model of particle.So, on the one hand is to find the God particle final verification of the Standard Model, on the other hand is to open the way to understanding why the world of quality, whether the quality of these behind and we do not know the secret door.Of course, particle physicists to build the Large Hadron Collider Another object is to find a lot of theorists predicted a new world of things, such as supersymmetry, large extra dimensions, black holes, etc..

Large Hadron Collider on March 30, 2010 beginning at every single particle energies of 30 005 billion electron volts proton and proton collision experiments, has been to increase the brightness (ie particle flow per unit area), but maintained at this energy.Maybe the next one to two years, the energy will be increased to the collider's design energy, each particle 7 trillion electron volts.We made some theoretical particle physicists disappointed that so-called supersymmetry, extra dimensions big, miniature black hole yet willing surfaced.Perhaps the magic of these fascinating physical phenomena will never emerge, which of course would be happy to give some structure to these theoretical models physicist major blow, but physicists wait for others but it is a good thing.After all, the big design should be expected to be more than we are able to magical.We will have a better chance of finding new physics.Perhaps the Large Hadron Collider in the next two to three years will give us a surprise.

So, what the famous British bookmakers Bookies Handicap is open?Particle physicists gathered in the southeastern city of Grenoble in France before the European high-energy physics conference, this year found the Higgs particle betting companies out of the odds are 12 to 1, that is, if the Higgs particle This year has been found, you throw a dollar bet will win 12.The higher the odds, the bookmakers are not optimistic.July 20 to 27, after the meeting of the European high-energy physics, the bookmakers odds will drop to 1 to 3, which means you bet three, can only win one, and before the 36-fold difference odds.So, after the meeting, the betting company suddenly changed his mind and began promising Higgs particle will be found in this year.

Gaming companies changing attitudes important reason is that the Large Hadron Collider experiment two important groups tend to support the independence to get some results out of the Higgs immediately surfaced. ATLAS experimental group found that in terms of quality 120-145 giga electron volts (a Beijing equals 1 billion) between, there are some unusual cases, approximately 99% confidence level, while another group is also 120-145 CMS seen some unusual cases between Beijing electron volts, the credibility of uncertainty. In Particle physics experiments, only 99%, or two 9-confidence is not enough, people generally need 6 9 that only one millionth of unreliability would believe that a particle has been discovered.

How to find God particle physicist?The most direct way is to look at product particles decay.In particle physics in the world, except for a few particles, all particles are unstable, Higgs is also very unstable, for example, it will first decay into heavy intermediate bosons (weak interaction of a particle propagation ), then intermediate boson decay into other particles.Each such decay has its particularity, experimental physicists is to use these particularities.Looking for a particle, like finding a person in the crowd, looking for the person's facial features.If we called these people the background or the background, so we are looking for a special face above the background.

Among the approximately one hundred background event saw 20 exceptions, CMS also similar because two independent experiments see a similar exceptions in a similar context, it gave reason to believe that the Higgs particle Quality located approximately between 120 to 145 giga electron volts. The proton mass is 120 times to 145 times.

Do physics experiments, we not only want to look for evidence of Higgs particles, but also ruled out the Higgs mass range. Currently, ALTAS Panel finds that the Higgs particle mass is unlikely to between 155 to 190 giga electron volts, exclusion is 95% .CMS is between 149 to 206 giga electron volts excluded Higgs exclusion rate is 95%.

US Fermilab collider too volt (ie energy per particle of nearly too electron volts = one trillion electron volts) is about to close in September. Before closing on the collider experiment of The Panel also received two separate limits on the Higgs particle mass. They are more or less ruled out the large mass of the Higgs particle.

For example, if you bet on the Higgs mass below 130 giga electron volts, then you can bet a win six. The low quality of some of the supersymmetric model range is quite promising. Gaming companies are more optimistic about the quality of the range 131-140 Beijing electron volts, followed by 150 giga electron volts or more.

If I bet, I bet God particle will appear in this year, up 4 9 reliability that four standard error. Need to wait until next year to fully indeed this particle. By the end of next year, the Large Hadron Collider data accumulated about It is now 10 times the data accumulated in the data base so much on the Higgs particle will show its face, and the new particle theorists had predicted supersymmetric particles and the like will not occur, but I do not has not been completely ruled out new particles predicted will appear.

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