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Where is the harm in gambling?

Sometimes, the more impact than the movie, is a reality. A series of recent spate of things, like large as one after another, climax continued. Absurd farce was near the end of the South China tiger in Shaanxi, Gansu million lottery thriller pulled opened the curtain. At the same time, also came out with the theme of tragedy lottery northwest of Chongqing in the south took place, a few thousand dollars in debt because of gambling, delusions himself in the million prize, excitement cause mental disorders people, resulting in two deaths and one injury tragic ending.

Faced with lottery-related misfortune after another and sorrow, a time talk uprisings, there Outlawing "lottery mentality sick", but all of those participating in gambling, how many people can restrain spending a night of fantasy riches?At least I will not do.Also questioned the betting management deficiencies, and so many executives falling by the wayside, accidents, really non-general is true, that the transmission of the disease, it is consistent with my long-term desire to win, but never mind succeed flash read.For these two very eye-catching but it is rare isolated incidents, psychologists, sociologists, legal experts and betting, there are many sophisticated macro theory, seemingly well grounded, clearly and logically, is difficult to say they are easier said than low back pain.But these issues, I, as a small lottery, do not seem to.Two hearts lingering question is: First, why the award is not me?Second, if I won the lottery how to do?

The first question is very stupid.The second problem is even funny.However, carefully pondering, Chongqing tragic figure who is not exactly practical action to answer these two questions it?He was anxious to get rich, they are not unbearable award winners this fact, so paranoid himself in the award, and believed, and ultimately led to tragedy.For still do not know the truth of Gansu million grand prize winners, most also plagued his first winner on the occasion in question has disappeared thaw, lie in front of him, is clearly the second question.Exclude all accident, I think how the winner to Duijiang, how to face the world against the award, to continue to live ...... at least he thought so far is the question.In other words, the delay in awarding come forward, probably because of security concerns.

I just feel it, the betting industry's safety is indeed very worrying, or would like to make good under the relevant departments, betting companies should also make the appropriate countermeasures to eliminate gambling friends uneasy.

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