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Wilkes man to win a huge lottery prize

When the clerk began to scream when excited, Michael Draman suddenly realized that he purchased Pennsylvania Lottery Match 6 Lotto, he may be the biggest winner in this August 24, Wilkes - Barre City, Luzerne County Draman, indeed won up to 4.2 million of Match 6 Lotto prize. His Lotto 02-05-10-13-28-48 just bought in all six numbers to win the 420,527 dollar federal tax of 25%.

August 25, Draman return to buy lottery Wilkes - Barre City Anthracite Newsstand store to view the winning situation, and the next situation but people by surprise.

"Machine sends sound unusual, the clerk heard the paper-like face became pale, then they scream together," Draman said, "the store's police almost took out a pistol. I walked over I explained to him that this is the voice of the lottery jackpot, however, in how much money I have? "

Draman then on August 27 he visited Middletown is located in Wilkes - Barre area lotto office.

"It all feels so unreal, I feel a little self-esteem," said the 62-year-old Draman already indicated his intention to retire and buy vacation homes 一幢, obtained by a bonus for family living expenses.

As a point of sale Lotto prize, Anthracite Newsstand will also receive $ 10,000 in prize money.

Match 6 Lotto as the maximum bonus amount, which is the eighth winning lottery since June 2010. Since July 4, the Lotto Jackpots accumulated amount has been increasing this week opened a night out Match 6, including Draman included, a total of 134,162 cases of winning.

In addition, in the 2009-10 fiscal year, Luzerne County, a total of more than 6,550 million dollars in prize money, which the Pennsylvania Lottery prize money that is accounted for 39.2 million dollars, topped the list in Luzerne County, bonus income.

Match 6 Lotto participatory approach:

Each worth $ 2 Match 6 Lotto players can be within 1-49 digit numbers or six randomly selected by a computer-generated random selection. At the same time, the computer will additionally elect two sets of numbers, a total of three sets of 18 numbers. Each lottery can be four times - one of which is that each group of three sets of numbers in which elected (basic play), while it is also possible to combine the three groups predict .Match 18 6 Lotto numbers in Mondays and Thursdays lottery.

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