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Police busted gambling dens shuttle bus

From Pine Valley Economic Development District Public Security Bureau was informed that they has successfully destroyed a hide in the countryside gambling dens, gambling officers arrested nine people and seized more than 60,000 yuan gambling money confiscated gambling nine.

"Black Town, was engaged in gambling," Recently, a group of people to Pine Valley Economic Development District Public Security Bureau to report. After careful investigation, September 4 in the afternoon, the police task force decided to arrest in the countryside close to the dens of tractor tracks, 4 Take "pick up special purpose vehicles" disappointing gamblers back by a police officer had a positive significant arrest. Police later from Qijiang, South Bank, Shapingba other places 5 Candu staff was arrested. The police, the organizers of the gambling dens fairly smart, dedicated shuttle van hire Chang gamblers, gambling dens farmhouse is extremely secretive, simply get in the car, only fifty-six minutes walk to get to.

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