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Early lose out, there is little change in the odds of bookmakers

William Hill: betting industry boss, the boss is the boss, after opening the odds, nothing changes, basically change of 1% -2% of open field lose precision in betting is the first 100 of the world...

Ssp: we should be very familiar with this company and accept string betting company, after opening the odds do not change, if the change will basically change the direction towards the opening shot features: often a value in the opening odds to 99 in the highest Kelly index is even higher than normal. But this company has the 2006-2007 season, the odds for some time with a few minor changes.

BetDirect: loss ratio at 0.89, after little change out the odds, more stable.

Coral: veteran British bookmakers, Ladbrokes acquisitions later, now out of the odds are still open following the previous compensation ideas, little change after opening the odds, but sometimes often with Ladbrokes, do cover, focusing Thinking Odds relationship.

Oddset: Bundesliga state-run betting companies, the loss rate is very low, at between 0.80-0.85 changes, out of basic fixed odds particular national tournament grasp very accurate, it is not optimistic about the odds out of one of the parties. rarely able to win the game.

Sweden company out of the odds has its own characteristics, often out of 99 the lowest level compensation, we do not be misled, because of their own low paid, low-lying lose When this is normal, and it's

Low-lying lose often not playing a draw. If it's a draw odds Kelly index of 0.90 or more, for a game which can give up the choice of tie. Listen to me right, huh, huh.

Norway: Norway this

Country more well-known betting companies, the loss ratio of 0.85, the odds out does not change, we can observe that the company rarely give their game wins, flat, negative tendency, if it is not given in the game Support Level

Bureau, this time in conjunction with other companies odds, we should note, it does not support the results are basically kicked out for example: the 2006-07 season, 32 Arsenal - West Ham this 0: 1 We check pay

Rate know.

Bingoal: Netherlands-based company, we can not underestimate it, draw useful to exclude the effect of, ah, do not change substantially after opening the odds, the loss rate is relatively low, in which two basic hovering between 0.83-0.84 am very. I love it yo!

Denmark:. Danish betting company, loss ratio 0.88 odds out of time a little later, after no change out easy to use it out of the odds to filter out a wrong result.

Fortuna: Canada-based company, I am concerned about it for a year, for the exclusion of the game draw has a very crucial role for some games, directly out victory, draw odds Kelly index of more than 1. We can keep track of. it.

Iceland: Iceland betting company, I liked it, some time in the% $ # A × ((K @ # and other information site disappeared, I also to% $ # A × ((K @ #!! The reaction over the matter, but now there are at% $ # A × ((K! @ # the odds, very happy, but also a low loss ratio of the company, the loss rate is between 0.80-0.86 changes in Premiership game, if it opened a high value, that is, where the odds of a Kelly index higher than a lot of their own loss ratio, such as 096> 0.85. Results like this rarely play out. 06-07 Premiership season 35 Newcastle - Chelsea 0: 0, just past the competition, we can check.

Littlewoods:! The company recently from the% $ # A × ((K @ # disappear, after little change out the odds for Premier League grasp the potential, the company's odds of feeling very orthodox, unlike the Australian plate fickle , neatly pumping money a company. I love this company.

Toto: Dutch betting company, is a low loss ratio of the company, the loss rate is between 0.80-0.83 in the league, the odds of this company, if there is time directional, then we must pay attention and have a good look this match.

Veikkaus: Finnish betting company, after little change in the odds out, the loss ratio 0.88, often at odds Research company can easily exclude the results of one of its features are not optimistic: Odds out relatively late, relatively stable ʱ??

I hope you can understand a little deeper. These are my (Best solvability) that experience, write to let everyone share experience.


1, Denmark and Veikkaus role in the British crown in a large, two and sometimes Denmark than Veikkaus opened late, but more Veikkaus late opening, under normal circumstances, late opening of one party than the other companies in the same company Party much higher, you can exclude this result.

2, in the event in the UK, Denmark and Veikkaus when the low pay side higher than William, Ladbrokes low pay side, the game must first consider the cold.

Ladbrokes opened in the Bundesliga odds 2.00 3.20 3.20 Macau Handicap hemisphere. The home games are most numerous and most of Macau Kaiping half Handicap match unbeaten home team, but the majority of primary wins.

Ladbrokes in the Premiership out 2.00 3.20 3.20 odds, regardless of Macau is Pingban or hemisphere

Statistics do 66 games 23 wins 26 games level games lost 17 games

chance coral Littlewoods

These three companies while reducing a odds that play great chance

Tie plate

canbet odds can pay attention to the next

A bit like the odds of the Exchange Company

Ladbrokes is authoritative = Nordic League

Finland and Denmark Key Reference CORAL

Own experience

Ladbrokes divert water from the high 1.92 level

Dish out on a great chance

Five major league, the Champions League, UEFA Cup, European Cup, World Cup, Portuguese Super Eredivisie and other similar events I mainly look at: William Hill, Ladbrokes, Interwetten, ssp bet365 YiShengBo Bwin 7 everyone to William Mostly interwetten perceived risk bet365 easy to see trends Sheng Bo

In addition, La Liga with Wade, Denmark with Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium with toto, the Serie A with SNAI, Bundesliga with Oddset, the Norwegian band Norway, Finland over with Veikkaus, Ruichao with Sweden, Ireland with powerpaddy

Other leagues less in my account.

By Odds game Shengping Fu, I never look at the odds, and occasionally feel a great grasp of the game when it is back to see how open Handicap. But also special attention to Kelly mainstream the company which is too high and too low.

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