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Fun88 South Church is what platform to use?

Players: Fun88 South Church is what platform to use?

Music Angel (Fun88 representative): Southern Church used entertainment platform in Southeast Asia are very good Crown all.Introduction of this platform, first from the start of its dealers background.Background is a field in Cambodia casino, it will bring us a strong visual impact.You can clearly see the gamblers in the casino gambling case.The information platform to transmit these images to our computer terminal, but he is not to make people feel the card, and feel very smooth.Here have to mention about the flash technology, precisely because it's powerful, it could have been a very large data compression is very small, and then let us be fluent in the network to watch the video.

Casino platform is part of the South Hall used very popular in Southeast Asia, Crown company, especially some of the original games and gambling law especially in Southeast Asia, is widely popular welcome everyone to try.

Southern Church used entertainment platform in Southeast Asia are very good Crown company selling all of the following for a number of our southern Church:

1. Crown (Crown) is a Cambodian company's products, including two land casinos in Poipet and Bavet, they are duly authorized by the Government of Cambodia. This shows that they are of

2. Crown (Crown) All games are video directly from the hall two casinos directly, rather than from the studio. All games are real time.

3. Currently this product is very popular in Thailand and Vietnam, while Fun88 offer in our China market, in order to allow players to have more exciting, fun casino options.

4. Insurance Baccarat although not so common in China, but opening up a hobby product is provided in baccarat players have more choices in particular.

5. Crown (Crown) games offered are: Insurance Baccarat, Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, Sic Bo Fan Tan, dragon baccarat.

6. which the player can also be multi-tabling (You can select three different tables game).

7. All games are online games, which means that no download and upload speed of the game is very fast!

8. The minimum bet is lower than the market most of the internet. Bets from 20 yuan you can play, which gives players a chance to try to lower the cost of their luck.

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