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Status of Philippine gaming industry: 400,000 operators, 7.5 billion turnover, online gaming ecology

Gaming companies in the Philippines, including unlicensed and illegal gaming companies, employ all Chinese people. They have a well-established system, a large number of employees, and a complete range of departments.

Including: SEO, front-end, art, promotion, personnel, telemarketing, customer service, etc. A series of departments, slightly larger companies, all have dozens of people.

And those black companies without legal gambling licenses have only a few dozen people!

Most of the employees in the company are promoters, commonly known as "dog push"! They work 10 hours a day, often work overtime to chat with customers, guide customers to place bets, etc.!

According to my friends, they mainly publish online earning information through QQ, Tieba, WeChat group, Momo, and other platforms, and take advantage of people's greed to participate in online DU!

Why use the word "net earning" to guide customers into the market? Because only these two words of you can arouse the greed of most people!

They add a large number of people through software or sweeping groups, and publish information: "Make a steady profit of 2-300 per day" and other temptations to open the hearts of customers!

Once a friend is added, after the previous dialogue, many people have understood that this is a network DU, and choose to block it and not participate! But some could not resist the temptation, listened to the promoter's words, recharged 100 yuan to try...

Why do people think that investing 100 yuan to participate can make a steady profit of 2-300 yuan? In fact, there is a routine that their internal talents know, called "data change".

The so-called "data change" means that the market spit water at intervals, and this period can be predicted through the background data!

An experienced dog pusher will predict the period of spitting water and lead players to participate in high-win games, so after customers taste the sweetness, they usually get out of control!

I believe that many friends who participate in online gambling have tried to win a lot in the early stage under the leadership of the dog, but lost a lot in the later stage! This is the so-called reason...

Of course, not every dog push is accurate in judging the data, and sometimes it misses! This is just a probability, so as long as the early customers are obedient and participate a few more times, they will naturally win some.

This is a stable water release mode specially released by Handicap, and they are not afraid of customers winning. There are three reasons!

1: Customers who have just come in will not bet big, it doesn't matter if you win hundreds or thousands.

2: People are all greedy. If you win, you will not stop and want more!

3: The data of the water release can only be predicted by the dog push, so the dog push will not let you win too much! Otherwise, you have to carry it yourself.

Therefore, an experienced dog pusher can usually control the psychology of customers, let them taste the sweetness, and then let them fend for themselves. He made a lot of money himself! This is why so many people come to the Philippines to engage in dog pushing, because human nature is greedy...

Continue to dig deep into the most filthy, black-hearted, and inexhaustible group in the gaming industry: the black disk! !

What is a black disk? Let's start simple.

We all know that our Macau gaming industry is legal, because the local government has approved a formal gaming license (only physical, no online gaming), and the Philippine national government has also approved more than 50 gaming licenses (basically allowing online gaming ), most of these licenses are in the hands of the Chinese.

Although the Philippine government has only approved more than 50 gaming licenses, there are as many as thousands of gaming markets (bookmakers) in the Philippines!

These thousands of markets are divided into two types.

1: A formal market, with a formal license or authorized operation, needs to pay taxes, and employees must go through formal labor procedures such as 9G visas.

Two: The black market, without any authorization, operates in the dark box alone, and most of them will not apply for 9G visas for employees, because they have to pay taxes.

Features of Black Handicap

The cost is small, the profit is high, and the risk is high, usually hiding in the villa area, and opening the market secretly on the island!

There are not too many staff in the black market, and 7-8 people can start the operation. Their standard configuration is:

Personnel (occasionally act as customer service)

Programmer (will resolve domain names, and basic website maintenance)

Promoter (Dog Push)

With these three types of people you can get started!

The operating cost of the black market is extremely low. Websites, APPs, and templates can be reused for tens of thousands of yuan, renting houses, meals, and employee salaries, adding up, it can be opened with a small amount of hundreds of thousands, purely relying on dog push To pull customers into the disk.

A black market with a little financial strength will apply for a high-paying SEO black hat, and use the technology of the station group to improve Baidu gaming keywords to gain traffic.

Most of these black disks will not allow customers to withdraw cash, especially if you win! Whether it can be successfully withdrawn depends on Goutui’s analysis of you. If you know that the customer still has money to invest, it will apply to the supervisor for the customer to withdraw. Of course, the amount of withdrawal will not be too large, ranging from a few thousand to a small tens of thousands. If the dog push finds that you can no longer squeeze the oil and water, it will naturally not agree to your withdrawal, use various methods to hinder you, or even block you directly!

When these black disks get good traffic on the server, and after recharging, they even shut down the station and disconnect the chain, and reopen it! The reason is the fear of being caught and absorbing client funds.

Why does the black market in the Philippines continue to be banned? Because it is too hidden, and the customers are from China, it is impossible for the local government of the Philippines to investigate one by one!

After reading the above inside story, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the Philippine gaming industry. The gray production circle has recently published more articles on gaming, and some fans responded that they are "visual fatigue".

Why do we push such articles so frequently, because many fans have contacted us recently and told us about their players' mental journey and experiences. Without exception, the ending is: lose! So far, no one has reported how much they have earned through online gambling. It may only be said when the "agent" induces others.

According to statistics, every year, the funds flowing into foreign countries due to gambling reach tens of billions of RMB. This is the "hard-earned money" of players. We cannot help them recover the funds. Gambling insider, so refuse to gamble, do not participate, do not organize, do not contact!

May the player be able to turn back the prodigal son, and may there be "no gambling in the world"!

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