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Sparkling organized weekend gatherings exclusive nostalgia for the British bingo enthusiasts

Recently, renovated after Sparkling Bingo company's Web site home page not only gives a new look feel, we will introduce more like games this weekend, Sparkling Bingo's company will hold a dedicated gamers Activities Activities in lucky players will also have access to cash, a laptop and a prize pool of prizes and other incentives.

This weekend, in order to attract new players, Sparkling Bingo will launch for all players who register giveaways in September 6 - 9, the company was added to the Sparkling players, just to deposit with a minimum £ 5, you can The company obtained an additional gift of 15 pounds, which is equivalent to the total amount of funds deposited novices welcome bonus of 200%. During the event, new players enter activity codes "TAKE", you can get involved.

Meanwhile, September 6 - 9 May, all of the company's old customers Sparkling, enter activity codes "Baggins", also receive a 150% deposit bonus for all UK bingo players during the event also has three times won 50% of the then. deposit bonus opportunities. Minimum deposit amount of this event is 50 pounds, each person to participate in one.

In addition to these activities, the company's "BackTo School" activity for the majority of players will be sent a new laptop, "777 pounds betting contest" free entry opportunities and £ 500 cash prize and other gifts. Oh enable this event All IGT and 2Tg winner will also get 10 "777 pounds betting contest" tickets.

Sparkling Bingo this weekend, the company introduced the "TG Marathon", "£ 6000 free bingo" and "one million pounds betting Grand Prix" and many other online bingo routine activities. In addition, in September of activities, the company organized by the "Vespa prize giveaways", the lucky players a chance to get a Vespa scooter. As of December 31, 2012, the company's all bingo players will receive a free raffle, lucky players can by virtue of extracting a motorcycle. In addition to free lottery obtained, the player can also be involved in other ways to the sweepstakes.

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