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LT Game company appeal, SHFL entertainment companies sued for patent infringement

After receiving notice that SHFL Entertainment Macau Court of First Instance declared innocent, launched a few days fast Baccarat products do not violate copyright infringement laws, LT Game Ltd. after the company learned that the resolution, prepared to act quickly to defend.

Not because the Court of First Instance ruled in respect of the second announced a surprise, but LT Game Ltd. thrown weapon protest is only a matter of time. Obviously, the company decided to appeal only within a matter of a week.

According GamblingCompliance said Paradise Entertainment Limited, the parent company of LT Game announced that the company would not accept the resolution, saying that "the court ruling is not final result in Macau, the company in charge of betting equipment Qin (Jay) to the President Appeal court resolutions. "

The two companies dates back to the root of the problem quickly baccarat game program, LT Game SHFL Entertainment Company believes that this system violated its collection a live dealer baccarat and live in one of the electronic DB multiport system patents. SHFL repeatedly denied LT Game patent infringement, claiming that the design and development of the system with LT Game's patent unrelated.

Macau Court of First Instance to support the defendant, pronounced his innocence, not with offense, and LT Game companies are very disappointed, but the latter seems not soon give up ready to overthrow the Qin court resolution, appeal, if some people think that this dispute has ended, then think about it.

LT Game company plans to appeal again, even if it is likely lost again.

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