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IGT third-quarter profit increased 40%, DoubleDown casino revenue surged 105%

Nevada betting equipment manufacturer International Game Technology (IGT) was found, the company ended June 30 end of the third quarter, revenue rose 8.7%, reaching $ 579 million, thanks in part to the strength of growing Social betting sector net income. $ 65.7 million, compared with $ 46.6 million a year earlier, net income rose 40 percent, while the share price rose from $ 0.23 a share to $ 0.33 per share.

Slot machine sales of the company rose 12 percent, revenue reached $ 259.2 million, which is attributed to the replacement sector shipments in North America increased by 39%, including the 1300 and the United States north of the Illinois border Canada sold sold 3300 units. In end of the third quarter, IGT sold a total of 56,700 slot machines. If there is negative news Tuesday, it must be IGT's betting revenue fell 4 percent, only $ 247.3 million, while IGT CEO Patti Hart this attributed to tight consumer spending.

Although DoubleDown social betting casino business income statistics a total of only $ 61.4 million, but this figure is compared to the second quarter, an increase of 13%.And and 2012 compared to the same quarter, an increase of 105%, which is quite huge success.In the third quarter, DoubleDown daily active users increased by 25 percent to 170 million; while average monthly active users increased by 28 percent to 670 million.Every user's income increased by 50 per cent to 60 cents a day, which makes the chief financial officer John van der Moore also surprise.He told analysts, when DoubleDown involved in broader international market, the company hopes to average income per one user to bring some of the "downward pressure".In addition to "native" language, DoubleDown currently supports German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Van der Moore also stressed that, DoubleDown has been ranked third most popular application on Facebook, "is not ranked third in the social casino application, but ranked third in all applications" .DoubleDown in the third quarter downloads reached 10 million times, more than Hold'em has become the most popular social games on Facebook, while only 1% DoubleDown market share, far behind Texas Hold'em Hart told analysts, DoubleDown being generated currency rates "Frankly speaking, the envy of the entire industry will almost double our nearest rival."

On the other hand, DoubleDown this month will be selected Century City casino sites added to the list of development, these casinos to provide social entertainment experience.Van der Moore also noted that, "IGT for these markets like New Jersey, looking forward to" focus IGT is "and some of our local customers to establish cooperative relations, prospects of development prospects in the state of emerging online betting market.".Hart says: "IGT is being co-developed with many locals betting market."Hart is also proud of the claims, IGT is trying to create" a global ecosystem of betting, betting and entertainment products greatly expands the breadth and scale, widely distributed entertainment to achieve ubiquitous cross-platform and cross-device entertainment experience ʱ??.Hart said, "I think we really know the future direction of the betting industry, IGT in this industry-leading peers a few years at least.ʱ??

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