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2014 Gaming chess hand travel market competition continues to heat up

Turnip greens all have love, all types of hand travel industry in 2013 games have gained rapid development, which is more casual puzzle game loved by the players, social Gaming Has become a shine. 2014 of these games will keep rapid growth, it is expected to reach $ 4.4 billion in 2015, but it also faces a greater challenge!

2013 global social and mobile betting revenue

2013 global social and mobile betting revenue

$ 1.15 billion in North America

$ 320 million in Latin America

Europe $ 660 million

Asia $ 520 million

$ 197 million in other regions

Social betting social games, occupy a pivotal position, forming a unique group of players and a completely different game mechanics. But this growing market is also facing a series of problems, opportunities and challenges.

2013 Global Gaming before 20 hand tour rankings

In 2013 the world's top 20 ranking Gaming hand tour (developer / monthly active users (millions) / market share)

At the recent London International exhibition game industry, many gambling games operators and investors gathered to discuss the opportunities and challenges in 2014 betting market. Although the 2013 classification of the entire social betting downward trend, but the development of the social betting games but like gangbusters.

Users need to be more sensible way to access and retention

In the past two years, the social betting games accounted overall monthly active social game ratio

In the past two years, the social betting games accounted overall monthly active social game ratio


Along with players from the PC to the mobile terminal side, overall consumption levels have increased. Currently the total social betting players 13% of social gamers, while the proportion was 25 percent two years ago. Although the overall player base is declining, but paying players the ability to pay is still not be underestimated. overall upward trend in pay levels, the average cost of a tablet PC players are more than twice as social betting players. In addition, we observed that the value of tablet LTV players smartphone gamers 22% higher. replacement player migration digital equipment to improve the overall performance of the market.

Mobile betting revenue> Social betting

From the world's top ten social betting and mobile betting revenue in the second half of 2013

From the world's top ten social betting and mobile betting revenue in the second half of 2013

The top social betting revenue in December 10 fell to $ 45.3 million from $ 42.5 million

The mobile betting rose from $ 41.7 million to $ 51.5 million


Gaming has begun to mature, players have become increasingly demanding, hoping to obtain more attractive gameplay and social experience. In a series of high-profile acquisitions, competition intensified. 2014 social and mobile betting company's competitive key mainly in the areas of marketing, cross-platform design and the complexity of the mathematical model.

Wise marketing: As we all know, marketing costs becoming increasingly expensive: in a year's time, every social and mobile platforms installed user costs are doubled.Increase marketing spending payoff means, efforts to optimize efficiency.To compensate for this expenditure, more and more companies are using an existing brand, make yourself stand out.For example FremantleMedia (Note: the world's largest and one of the creative television production company) authorized betting The Price is Right Slots ("Bid slot machine"), now the game monthly income of up to $ 400,000.Similarly, the Dutch media holding company Endemol Group for mobile betting development company Plumbee invest $ 14 million, as part of its expansion of existing brands.These two marketing methods, to the game brought greater exposure, and for the increasingly crowded market, provided great impetus.

Cross-platform design: Game brand development, most natural extension is to use cross-platform user behavior into account: a growing number of TV viewers, while holding a tablet PC, the establishment of two screens while watching TV connected sword, is a valid. The method to obtain and retain customers. From real-money betting, we can see a similar effect, for example, the United States MGM and PlayStudio "My Las Vegas" (myVegas, a slot machine Games) cooperation, allowing players get points that can be redeemed at betting (in the scope of supervision permission, also can be converted into valuable items, such as airline miles, drink coupons).

Players keen mathematical probability: Initially, the basic mathematical probability decide whether the player can win the game: the game rewards the user can quickly expand the game after the reshuffle, however, will focus on the players in their own Casino The experience, using the same mathematical probability projections, while entities Gaming company And operators, because it has in-house expertise to build complex mathematical model that provides real betting experience so than online developers who have a greater advantage.

Let betting experience of mobile technology

Given these competitive factors, it is clear that mobile social betting faces a more daunting challenge, but still more profitable, but simply to make the betting experience of mobile technology, and the same content ported to different devices, it is not enough On the contrary, every game should be through strict adaptation to different platforms, users and tailor the game environment.

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