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What online gaming platform?

Network gaming news often occur for example: EA platform, such words Boeing platforms, HG platform, PT platform, novice players may feel more familiar with the program you can simply understood as the betting sites can use some of the technology-based companies. will be specifically developed such a gaming platform, rental of gaming companies need to have, or they themselves also directly operate online gambling project. Usually the same gaming platform gaming site data are consistent.

Some common gaming platform:

Micro Gaming (MG platform)

EntertAsia (EA platforms)

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HoGaming (HG platform)

Sabah platform (sports betting)


BBIN (Boeing platforms)

Some multi-platform betting sites, some of which had their own independent gaming platforms, such as:

CASINO independent platform

Bodog independent platform

Generally most Boeing platforms (BBIN) gambling sites are only Boeing platforms, but not necessarily, for example Fortune International Casino, Using the EA, HG, Boeing, PT4 a gaming platform.

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