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Select bookmakers online gambling novice and precautions

It is estimated that on the Internet there are over 2000 Online gambling sites In the online gaming company you choose, you should pay attention to the following matters. If you go through the mobile phone or TV online gambling, these issues are equally important.

What should I play gaming companies?

Check whether the company holds gambling gaming regulatory authorities issued operating permit (license)

Gaming regulatory body is usually responsible for setting the gaming company operating regulations, monitoring compliance with regulations bookmakers. UK Gambling Commission to regulate gambling in the public interest, the purpose is to maintain a fair and safe gaming. It does this by setting the licensees operating conditions and licensees equipment and systems must meet the technical requirements to achieve regulation.

Without being regulated gaming company may not unfair or unsafe to play. They may illegal business, and therefore may be at risk when betting. When a gaming company, said they have been regulated, you can go to the site to check whether regulators true.

Check the different gaming products where being regulated?

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Many gaming companies hold licenses multiple gaming jurisdictions, so they are different products may not be regulated the same place. Through conventional tube institution's name will be displayed in the Website's Home (UK Gambling Commission requires licensees We must do so), together with the regulations, but you should also check each specific product where gambling is regulated.

For example,Sports Betting Britain may be regulated, and CasinoGame Regulated by different countries. You may find that link at a gaming company within the site will take you to another page. This page may be operating under the jurisdiction of another gaming operator license, you may not realize that gambling activities Other places to be regulated.

Looking for clear contact information bookmakers

Before betting, you must make sure to know some basic information on the company. For example, where a licensee, how to contact them? Before you betting, gaming products if you have any questions, you need the information.

Learn complaint procedures

You should know how to complain betting company, and your complaint will be how to deal with. If you filed a complaint, but the result is not satisfactory, you should know what you can take the next steps. UK Gambling Commission licensed gaming companies are If customers are not satisfied with complaint handling requirements should ensure that complaints to an independent body. The committee monitoring the gaming company to ensure that complaints are properly processed, and to find the tendency of the licensee company may not be required to deal with.

Comments from other players on the forum

There are many forums on the Internet, players can discuss their experiences on the above, some gambling websites Learn whether other players enjoy a gaming company is also very helpful. Note that some sites may charge only recommend some gambling sites.

I signed it?

Whether the terms of gaming companies are easy to find, explain clear?

Before betting, you must ensure that they read and understand every clause bookmakers betting products usually attached to the new player first deposit bonus can be very complex in terms of, for example, dividends paid to a player or players can take before there is a bonus Minimum wagering requirement.

Check if the company goes bankrupt if you can retrieve funds

Before the deposit you have to understand the gaming company's explanation of the problem. Some gambling sites to protect the players money, and no other gaming companies. UK Gambling Commission licensed gaming companies need to be clear whether the protection of customer funds, as well as protective measures.

The company will ensure that your personal information secure?

You should find a company's privacy policy. It should explain what kind of company to take measures to protect your personal information. Also, in addition, you should know whether the company that has its data protection requirements.

Are there measures to help you responsibly gambling?

Check whether gambling sites allow you to set deposit or betting limits, and review your betting transactions. This will allow you to track your spending.

Check whether the company providing responsible gambling betting information websites. When you have a gambling problem, including how to expel the gaming site, which will provide information to tell you how to do.

How do I know the game is fair?

Check the games or betting rules are explained clearly

You should understand how the website information by reading the work of each game, the bonus is, and what your probability of winning. If after reading this information you still do not know, you should not be betting on this website.

Are software and games need to comply with the regulation set by the minimum technical requirements? Does it have independent testing?

This is a very complex area, depending on where you are regulated, many overseas licensees comply with different standards and testing requirements, because in different countries is regulated individual products within a betting sites are often subject to different Claim.

In the UK, the Committee requested its licensee must comply with technical standards and testing requirements. For example, the software determines the game outcome must be fair, independent testing before release received by these companies are also required to have measures to protect the information on their systems and software undisturbed.

If you are unsure of technical standards and testing requirements for Overseas regulated product meets the requirements, you should contact the company or related to gaming regulators.

Betting site have to prevent minors from gambling?

Check the website has taken appropriate steps to verify the age of customers gambling, which is very important. Gambling sites should support the use of filtering software to prevent minors from participating in gambling.

Betting site should clearly show minors gambling is not allowed, and to take active steps to verify the customer has reached the legal gambling age in order to confirm a customer of legal gambling age and other reasons, such as the fight against fraud, gambling operators will need Some information, including name, date of birth, address and payment information.

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