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Online Keno games are played including the "size", "Mono", "Parity", "down", "five", "Bead", "size single and double pass" and "any number of areas string off" eight kinds of game play. Keno play is simple, but there are still a lot of skill, following'll tell you about the various Keno betting tips.

First, with the disk

Let's say that even the big five, you continue to chase big. This play takes some courage, because many people will feel so much even a big innings, which a small, but in fact is still under a big innings, which look now people's vision of the disc is to be noted that if the disc off the road, such as has been the big suddenly out of the small, stop chasing it, and look at the situation, because it is likely to continue to give you a lot of small is not necessarily.

Second, skipping

So change the size of the size of the buy, if the size of the size of the succession before you can try this dish way out even stopped.

Third, do not jump plate

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Is to open what to buy, continue to buy large open big, open a small continue to buy small. Also pay attention to at the right time to stop.

Fourth, off 2

Such large and small, appear to break, until it broke two so far. This method is sometimes good to win, but not win, you want to determine the specific strategies depending on the circumstances. There are many common drive way, Players can master a lot of reference written Raiders, for their own use.

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