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APT-- Asian Poker Tour Introduction

APT (Asian Poker Tour), Chinese name - the Asian Poker Tour, it is Asia's top, one thing Stakes Texas Hold'em the most influential international and total prize money of up to millions of dollars in the event began in 2008. subsequently held annually around the world, particularly in Asia a series of large international poker tournaments, and achieved great success. Asian Poker Tour's aim is to international Hold'em tournament brings Asia, the majority of Asia's Texas Poker enthusiasts to provide a platform for world-class tournament.

Asian Poker Tour

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At present APT has successfully covered a number of countries Philippines (Manila, Cebu), Cambodia, India, Macau, Mauritius, South Korea, London, etc. and also in the Asian region has been committed to assist the promotion of Hold'em, provide international tournament terms of rules and enforcement assistance.

The event is divided into the race and Asian Series are two, in order to meet the needs of all types of players participating. Contest using knockout form, fixtures typically eight days, during the arrangement of a main event, not less than 10 side events and Main Event satellite tournament series, the Institute of Directors following the rules of Poker this year, APT and Sina and other famous sports media, the depth of cooperation, that the Chinese players to open an understanding of international poker tournaments window.

2013 APT Asian Poker Tour will continue to be based in Asia, held in various regions of the game, according to the latest official news, areas have now been identified APT Asian Series Jeju station. (February 27 - March 6) and Asia Poker Tour Philippines (April 17-24 May), APT Asian Poker Tour Macau and South Korea stations have also been put on the agenda.

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