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Too many good way inferior to a small way

Read some friends posts, find some Friends of Bo full blind pride, and some Friends of Bo is disheartened.

I am not encouraging you, I will not advise you gambling, but we want to talk about some ideas heart.

Here I was a rookie, in life I bet it was a rotten old guy, the story is not talked about, most gamblers no two samples.

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There is a saying that good, eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom! On gambling, the idea of ​​everyone's just the tip of the iceberg!

Actually Baccarat It can be overcome, but you have not mastered the method only.

There are too many reasons for failure, but only one path to success!

So much of the reason for more than 90% of people fail, and that hidden in the thicket of the road, just let people have found very little.

Cable is not terrible, but the cable is the only weapon to overcome Baccarat!

Why do we have to use a straight cable terrible and no other variants of cable do?

Including ED brother level Note beat baccarat, he lost to a certain negative, the adjustment to increase the primary key, or stairs, to win back then restore the original bet, cable variant which is not also use it?

Why should we talk about the mere mention of cable? Why should reject good weapon? Baffling!

Why turn to the law of large numbers pale?

Casino We rely on pumping water law of large numbers, do we not take advantage of the anti-casino law of large numbers of blood pumping it?

How to counter the casino? Of course, it is a cable!

Cable points fierce and gentle, fierce cable win will die too fast too soon, too fast and died is because most people do not grasp it, we do not explore the straight cables, it is too test human nature!

Here I talk about my wife wife wife too gentle cable law, only for reference.

Do not spray me, you know you'll use, do not know when I put a cocky, you quickly to bypass it wants ...

No need to ask questions, miscellaneous cables method in which, please read carefully as read on the intersection of tuition to the casino ... more

After 10 hands 1 summarizes the winning or losing, winning good luck to prove, I for one, with casino gambling luck.

If the next 1 (primary code size based on individual funds set) Summary lose one yard (10 hands 1 would not have lost a yard of the results, I was under 15 hands 1, the back has lost one of the results summary. scared people into a dead end so to explain), or I'll lose a few yards and then the next 10 hands 2, under 2 win I'll spare you the casino, I'll lose the next 10 hands 3, making you say I lie, the rules given to you the operation is I say! I see you more rocks!

(Under 2 or 3 under, not necessarily wait until the next full 10 hands, that is back on the floor as long as the one to win back the lost value. In my patience is the first layer under the feet of 15 hands summary win or lose, your present Kim Dae or impatient, 5 layers or 10 lots can summarize. bets must see more than the next, until his good road and then shot)

But one, do not be greedy, when I first win unequal losers when it ran, when I lost the first level to catch, catch the rough finish also knock down stakes.

Do not remember things absolutely, we can win the point like, do not think of home casino to death.

Figured out, you far away from success. Done, congratulations you can leave ...

Note code: 1235 (8) the total amount of four classes need 50 base code can be, because you're on each end, the loser would not necessarily lose a lot, win or lose balance amount will not be too big of course betting law. smelly exception.

Once won 10 yards to complete the task, if hit the last time a group code 5 lose, is the rest of the time. (It will not lose too much, will offset the loss of part of the winning or losing each base code)

My bet is this: more than one God Road (the road that is fool God Road) Wait absolute win more than lose less because the initiative in our hands ...!.

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