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Baccarat betting strategy - simple is the best strategy

Baccarat Betting strategy is critical, the simplest solution - less likely to make mistakes this strategy is very important!!

1 bet direction: see even play even see jumping playing jump (after the start, you can choose to see two hands);

2, you can choose every two to lay a hand;

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3, Betting points: 2 even wrong hands, must stop!

4, when the first 2 even wrong hands, virtual betting, with the potential for 1 to cast;

5, when two hands even when wrong, then the next stage of 2 appeared even wrong hands (calculated at this stage, the accumulated error 2:00), virtual betting, with the potential for 2 to cast; down the same token, do not As another example;

6, bet the key to success: Each bureau must flat note; only to win three base code, stop 10 base code; when the target is not reached, continue betting until the end of the Board;

7, negative chase strategy: no matter when a single or a few innings, accumulated enough to lose more than 10 base code, just negative chase (note: not reached minus 10 when the base code, must not be negative chase !!!), since the next game Start (increase of the base code), divided by the total negative 5 after both the Council base code; Similarly, if during this time they accumulate lose 10 yards or more groups, continue to chase negative --- calculate this stage again, always negative value divided by 5 after ...

8, negative chase essentials: tied before (the previous one) of all values, before immediately returning layer; you must consider before chasing the total negative capital can afford to seismic amplitude capability, 4-6 layers can be done undefeated, 8 -12 layer can achieve real small wins, 16 or more layers in order to achieve a big win;

9 wins into the essentials: every time the cumulative total profit of more than four times the amount of the initial stop base code, you can enter to win (out half of the total profits, as the winning goal into the desired stop, and the remaining half Lock profit total supplementary capital, greater amplitude of resistance to reuse!);

10, the direction of + hierarchical level Note + The stop then stop + negative chase and win without any turnovers into + + + reasonable peace of mind Betting Time + precise strategy + realistic capital adequacy = true key to success !!!

Note: Each time the real operation, we must bear in mind more familiar with the rules; if one of them committed the wrong, you must leave familiar again, bearing in mind the above rules !!! adjusted before entering !!!

The rest is converted into the wealth of the time. Oh, after fortune, must be good deeds, good care of friends and family around ...

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