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Macau casino baccarat rules Ryushichi Share

Recently I mention Bo Friends Ryushichi Play, I feel strange, so in this summarize the rules of play:

1, wherever he goes: According to Friends of Bo rebellion there, Wynn, MGM, Venetian

2, note code: Wynn: Zhuang busy 300-1000 ranging Ryushichi minimum 25 yuan; US high Meizhuang idle 500/1000 (evening), Ryushichi unknown; Venetian Zhuang busy 250, Ryushichi 25?

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3 Odds: Dragon Seven is lost 40 times, for example: 25 yuan Dragon VII Casino Lost 1000; Zhuang busy odds are 1: 1 bet village, open Ryushichi without pay;

4, Ryushichi definition: The first is the number of points greater than the idle Zhuang points, while the village is 7:00 to 3 cards, party dragon seven;

5, Long seven deeper cut card, after about 50 hand last

6, dragon seven pairs and not betting

7, the same number of points when the Zhuang busy re-bet, only to kill Ryushichi betting chips.

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