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The method of winning double wager win Baccarat method

This method requires both like Gambling Who composed a pair of fantastic combination, one for loyalty, one for rape, is not difficult to think of winning, like losing more, to simultaneously achieve these two objectives must be both at the same time. Otherwise, how can they win and lose it?

Method is a first for the losing party to another for the winning party, the stakes are in addition to five, for example, fifty thousand Party holding a million B holds 40,000 Party is responsible under the first Note to lose in the fastest time over ten thousand yuan, while Party B will buy the opposite, if the triple stakes Party, that Party bet $ 1,000 to buy three thousand yuan B, when Party lost $ 8,000 when the Party should win twenty-four thousand yuan, minus pumping another solid win about 20% of that is 19,200 yuan, they lost an average of minus 8,000 yuan, a real win 11,200 yuan, each person can get 5600 yuan. pretty remarkable.

This double bet is a win-win method  impeccable. One can make both had enough gambling addiction, two almost bottom in the money to win, even if the Party win a short period, at most, will be temporary, it can not be undefeated generals. When Party chips fall lower than 10,000 yuan, Party has started winning, when the party lost the 7788, you can go to tea at the same time to leave the.

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There is a way that can not make the insurance party won cage, and so there is a loss Party, Party practice start at $ 1,000, if won, will not raise, only lasted one thousand yuan.If the first shop 1000 yuan lost, immediately raised to 2000 yuan; second shop or lose the case, the third shop again raised to 3000 yuan, if you still lose, that lost three consecutive shop, looked back from 1000 yuan start.If Party lost three straight shop, representing lost $ 6000 yuan, that Party won $ 18,000 yuan, but the party needs to win back $ 6000 yuan of six time to recover to shop.Because each party won a shop is starting from $ 1000, to raise from the doubles, so a single number to shop for six to win the first three tests was equal to lose.In this way, the Party  is losing money too easy to asking for a light, is meant to indicate Party winning a breeze.

In addition, if you are still afraid not losing party, would not a waste of time and erosion pumping, I can recommend you a very abstract but times and efficacious way is to store enough Party spirit, in the best operational status, and Party A is to find ways to increase the chances of losing money to make their own, such as overnight without sleep, not shaving, to drink a little wine, with all means make yourself tired, no spirit, in this state, take only one of five money To gambled, what difficulties it?Moreover, the Party must be awake, and five four money is placed in the hands of B, the risks run by the Party is to win big money.Imagine a listless, inattentive gamblers, gambling table striving hard, you have seen a number of such gamblers can win money away.It Believe it or not, this method has been proved, nine hundred times in all of ridiculous ninth.

Why can not bet on a randomly selected person on stage with him for gambling to become? Because the other side is not your partner, his bet whenever possible large fine, without the law, will make it difficult to follow you. And he is also possible at any time They left their seats, you can not control his playing time, so you must be a stable long-term goal before an effect, and this action is available to ensure that a person prone to error, two people act the opportunity to greatly reduce the error.

The Dream Team, partner win a lot of money, there is a wealth of entertainment and rich harvest, play up no pressure, because you know will always win, without Baccarat, Music will repeat itself just two happy men. Winning is Xiangdi and face relaxed, smiling slightly, mostly winning, mouth black face black, his face very sad,  it is to win money is immune. Winning this must be two people together.

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