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Baccarat tumbler skills of stakes law and betting law

There are two parts injection method and betting law code.

Note code method:

Shop is a cycle every three first shop three base code, minus a win on, lose it and then add a .3 shop again next three base code, continuous cycle.

The results of this method are eight stakes:

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Win Win Win: Win 6 base code

Win or lose win: win 4 base code

Win win or lose: Win 4 base code

Win win or lose: Win 4 base code

Lose lose lose: lose 12 base code

Win lose lose: lose 2 group code

Win or lose lose: lose 2 group code

Lose win or lose: lose 2 group code

Dest seemingly do, but go on to know knot buy. "2 win 1 lose" or "2 lose 1 win" result is very much, as is the case under the existing profit half and half ...

Betting method:

Of course, not shop shop buy.

When opened a free, just in front of the idle control 一幢 have not connected.

There on a Dir, won continue to buy idle (according to the above betting method), until the village stopped.

If the next gate opening to the second or third village I do? Under their own records before a House once a busy and even leisure, to continue the unfinished bet.

If the way is not just a single free bets. To open a second grain busy if not bet, bet to buy a third particle. Short, do not look at the road, bunk necessarily continue to buy idle time win.

Output stop: whenever any one "lose lose lose," went another (but not necessarily lose) ........ death is a bit of a busy busy busy two

Only to win: no one does not appear in "lose lose lose" there is no need to stop.

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