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The most popular casino baccarat how to play?

What is the most popular casino betting game is visited friends will blurt out?:Baccarat! It is also true, you go to Macau will find that most people play casino baccarat which are undoubtedly the most. So Baccarat is no doubt the most popular board games. So baccarat how to play with ʱ??

10 steps that tell you how to play baccarat.

1. In the traditional baccarat table size is similar to craps tables children, is generally placed in a place with a cordoned general table have 12-14 players, and up to three of the Netherlands officer.

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2. Players need to select live bet Banker or Player win. Another option is to charge and Administration (tie), but generally not prepared to be taken into account.

3. In the online casino, licensed by one virtual dealers, while the actual site of the casino, players can choose turns licensing, or appoint a special dealer licensing.

4. Each player can choose to bet Banker or Player win. (On customs, the general players bet the dealer wins.)

5. Hence if a player did not want to, then put the shoes (beam shoe) passed to his right-hand man. If the dealer has to win, then the shoes are not only the village has been left in the hands of the player, if the Player wins then, the shoes will be transferred to the next player.

6. Players bet on Banker or Player which hand win, or bet on a draw, profit and bet the same amount. (1: 1) the banker bet the winner to pay a 5% commission, because in the long run, the dealer wins The chance is greater than the free home.

7. Each hand has 2-3 cards. The dealer and the two stacked facedown shoes (beam shoe) below. After that, the player to his or her bet to win Player of the highest stakes made two cards, also face down.

8. The players returned after reading the card the card to the dealer. The dealer put both cards at the same time open and declared Which win.

9. Example cards may be 8:00 or more preferably 9:00. There are cases of either brand, to stop licensing. If it is not the case, the dealer will continue to issue a third card.

10. The highest number of points as the winner of that hand. Loser bet is taken away, but also to pay the winner's profit.

The most popular baccarat game also note the following points:

1, wreath and 10:00 there is no point value.

2,2-9 total points according to their face value.

3, the old tip (A) counts as one point.

4, a pair of cards in baccarat has no meaning.

5, double-digit total points, then remove the ten digits, only consider the single digits (eg 15 points in accordance with 5:00 to count).

6, real money makers of the advantages of the site is 1.17%

7, Player's real money gambling sites advantages for 1.36%

8, stop advantage draw for 14.12%

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