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What online gambling skills?

What online gambling skills? Do you want to know what skills gambling is nothing more than a friend would like. Following on from betting guide tells you win money by gambling online gambling What skills.

Often in the casino gambling, win lose win or lose is inevitable.Small lose and lose big loser of the points, can not afford to lose little, hope to retaliate by increasing the stakes casino, to change the situation, mostly small becomes big losers lose because the big loser is often lost in straight sets but due to the small increase occurs when bets; since output is inevitable, we would rather accept small output, while never losing streak filling, thus avoiding big loser, "eat a small loss in order not to suffer a great deal.".Similarly, there are a small win and win big points win, a small win if the time for fear of increasing the stakes and lost profits this small win, it will be difficult to taste the taste of a big win, and win big in a small win is often even increase stakes win when incurred; win is bound to happen, should not only stay in a small win, not because of the sake of a small gain but shackled his hands and feet, a chance to win a big win small; in Forecast To dare to raise, try to get the chance to win big, "not petty interests is the pursuit of the Italian".

Forecast of the time, to dare to raise, like strikes, the hand on the shot. Many people are afraid Forecast nowadays big bets, which is the reason they can not win a lot of money. Casino war, money is your soldier In the case of winning can calmly into battle in straight sets when the courage to reduce injection, evasive. It is also consistent with the principles of the art of war, soldiers wins first victory and then go to war, while defeated warriors win first and then lost, To "victory and Qiuzhan" can not "fight and win it."

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Therefore, there are two distinct treat winning or losing mentality, one is the "loser can not afford to win.".The so-called "win afford loser" refers not dare raise the win, the win for fear of losing money, and in lost time, but often dare to bet, the more lost bet get bigger, want By winning time put losing fishing back, this is a petty-bourgeois consciousness heavy bets law, often lose a lot of money to win a little money, very undesirable.Another is "to win from losers," also known as "Forecast hub straight sets to shrink".In the win when dare bet, especially when the Quinella, grew larger and larger bets, be careful when you lose a bet, especially in straight sets when the next smaller stakes, this method is often bet After winning a lot of money lost money, understand the truth and accept what skills gambling is very easy.It should be noted, where the "losers" is the bet of a strategy to use.

From the mathematical point of view gambling what skills, "Forecast hub straight sets to shrink," or the opposite, and no difference between the two, the differences in the psychological.Not the application "Forecast hub straight sets to shrink" strategy what psychological pressure, bets will be very easy; on the contrary betting method, since the losing streak when has lost a lot of chips, but also increase Note yards rushing, greater psychological pressure on ordinary people, there must be enough money requires affordability.Kahneman expected from theory can draw cash online gambling what skills, and in the case has been a loss, it is a risk to pursue, rather than a risk-averse, "Win lose punch-down" is that people do not consciously A method of application, there is this habit of people on the "Forecast hub straight sets to shrink" This method requires a process of adaptation.Not try to circumvent the loss, but to peace with it was "Forecast hub straight sets to shrink" treat loss of attitude.

Taking into account the operator licensing requirements nowadays we have a positive yield big bet, it is natural to produce a count of the cards and the "Forecast hub straight sets to shrink" thinking together, and easy to conceal the size of the injection method of gambling.

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