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What is the underground lottery

Underground lottery, Commonly known as private lottery, lottery numbers in Hong Kong is a fake as an attraction of Gambling Activities, namely private as village Lottery, is particularly serious in China's Guangdong and Fujian. Lottery's stake from tens to several thousand dollars, depending on the dealer's odds better financial situation may be, as many groceries are betting station, there are also many purely money scams. Therefore, not only the underground Mark Six gambling problem, but also involves the interests of many of the underworld.

Only the lottery organized by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Hong Kong Government and the Hong Kong Jockey Club has never opened betting on business outside Hong Kong, nor commissioned any person or organization related business. Thus, all the Chinese mainland to the "Hong Kong lottery", "Hong Kong Jockey Club lottery activities "," Hong Kong Jockey Club, "or similar items carried, are fake. Another official website of the Hong Kong Jockey Club on the Chinese mainland are not logged in, so as in the Chinese mainland can log in directly to the lottery website, are fake websites ʱ??

Fake lottery mainland China added a lot of ingredients that are not Hong Kong lottery, for example, draws zodiac forecast results, in fact, the ancient Chinese gambling "Fleurs" promise. Other common practices in China fake lottery also includes claims have insider information, counterfeit Hong Kong Jockey Club on behalf publishes flyers, brochures, newspaper, or provides false Phone number claiming to have advisory services.

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Fake lottery common way to attract Chinese mainland, including sending mobile phone text messages, distributing leaflets, online there are a lot of false "lottery" website, and some even posted non-existent "trust certificates" or accompanied gambling hotline and other official sites pretending to be more convincing. However, the official propaganda conducted by Hong Kong Jockey Club in Hong Kong is the only describes how lottery bets for charitable purposes, will not in any way take the initiative to attract people bet.

Since the fake lottery did not accept government regulation, thus manipulate the betting money will flow behind the illegal groups. In addition, due to the Chinese mainland to assist the organization to get rid of gambling addiction insufficient to make counterfeit lottery in many areas of serious social problems. Chinese mainland Any "Hong Kong lottery" service are false and illegal.

Hong Kong's Mark Six illegal activities in Fujian Province, has been very popular the past 10 years, the government still failed to put an end to the scourge caused by the activities in the province. At present, illegal lottery more has spread to Guangdong and Hunan Province. And the Internet, illegal lottery The website is everywhere, it is not absolutely forbidden.

Around the early 2000s, Hong Kong has a lot of mobile phone users received a mysterious call from the Chinese mainland. The caller claims to have a "Cengdao Ren" or "Miss Bai" this call to them, claiming that you can get in Hong Kong Mark Six lottery draws number. Although many people claim that the other party wrong, but in troublesome nuisance calls, some people will give them a random number in the phone number for the stall. This case is about the time before the SARS outbreak in 2003 was around Stop.

In fact, the so-called "Cengdao Ren" and "Miss Bai", but Hong Kong newspaper "Oriental Daily" a fictional character name on gambling version. They will carry out the day before the ballot in Hong Kong, he published a poem in the newspaper, and claimed "Built under color number of open mystery." With Hong Kong's newspapers into China mainland, there are unscrupulous businessmen in mainland China also took the opportunity to propaganda, claiming that they are "Cengdao Ren" and "Miss Bai," and there are all kinds of lottery The "tips." But in fact, these are all lies.

China's counterfeit lottery web in order to make the viewer believe that their true, would steal someone else's photo from another site, the alleged members of the group phase, people are people, "Zeng Daoren" or "Miss Bai."

Some people had hoped through spoof, claiming that in the China Central Television broadcast of "Teletubbies" "Everyday Food" and weather with the "show day" word also hide the Hong Kong lottery dark yard, who knows actually it was believed to be True, but the message is widely spread in the world, so TV troublesome. In Guangdong Province, also claimed that TVB Pearl broadcast of "Sesame Street" also implies mystery lottery, many people believe.

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