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User security issues related to Internet gambling

I'm talking about Internet Gambling User security, account security is not to say, but landed on a personal computer big Gaming company After it safe. Even if the network supervisor was found, they happen? Is it to my house told me scratching my network gamble? Another point is, I've seen some people say the personal bank account of what is network monitoring, do not know you This person is often in the net gambling ban on your bank card to bookmakers remittance it?

As long as no one reports, network monitoring task is not there, and now the online gambling more people to go. As long as you do not play very big, it is no problem.

Network monitoring Get your reasons: 1, you play village was beaten earth, your information leak; 2, someone reported you gamble; 3, your bank card and large water transfer, and you do not have a bank large customer transactions; 4, Bank suspect you cash bank card, handed over to the public security department!

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