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When your opponent raises several points need to be considered

When your opponent raises several points need to be considered

Playing No Limit Texas Hold'em When filling opponents, resulting in many players are often caught in a dilemma situation. If you do not get a good hand, you can decide to fold before the flop, abandonment has been put into the pot of chips, and exit the hand, of course Many people bluff, adding chips opponent quit.

By the time most of the players are not holding good cards first five cards only raise, but the magnitude of filling it vary, and requires careful attention. After hundreds of round bout with rivals, most of them can fathom to raise them custom or policy. Some cautious players, although good cards, and will not raise before the flop crazy, and probably because when the flop to make up a good hand, you need to pay more attention!

Against tough opponents, his cards like a pair largest and the largest single brand, or three or even two similar stakes will increase when your opponent is very tight, they often use delay play and get good cards when the flop or turn. However, with the arrival of the first river, the chances are much higher risk cards.

If your opponent is a fanatical activists and liked to raise pressure on the other players, then you need to consider carefully the follow-up action if raised with the card. If your second card is still larger than the other, then you probably To lose. Like poker table 10C -9C -4D -8C, your opponent might appear straight high is not recommended to call. If you have a hand like 9D -9S intermediate cards have a chance, your No one pair of eighth rival right, if you bet and are called the flop.

Like four or two pairs of cards at risk cards also have some risks. Get the hand if it is loose cards can be folded, ordinary card in pot control mode. So now we have to face a serious rival, if the sign face display any danger signals, such as turn gave a pair of face cards, then checked may be a better choice. Free will let you see a card to reduce losses, if your opponent is likely to take a strong hand set trap. complex and dangerous sign face is never a good place to be with the note, unless you want to be a money dispenser.

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