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US casino Texas Hold'em Introduction

Texas Hold'em(Texas Hold'em) is the most popular community card poker Game, It is currently the United States Casino Within the most popular poker game.

Although most Texas Hold'em hand at the same time participate in up to 22 brand names, but the average American casinos usually 2-10 people participate in the game. Texas Hold'em is also very popular outside the United States, and the prevalence of bridge quite.

Texas Hold'em three most common variants, as Limitʱ??Limit as well as Pot Limit Among them, Limit Texas Hold'em has always been the most popular mainstream American casino poker game.

As for the no-limit Texas Hold'em form, it is the World Series of Poker (World Series of Poker, WSOP) and World Poker Tour (World Poker Tour) in the main event.

The outcome of the way the game should be in the fight card to win, that is effective seven cards, the composition of the five largest card type, or other players in the betting season fold, give up the opportunity to win. For hand master, game objective is not to win a single game victory, but making the right decisions on mathematics.

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