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Texas Hold'em skills gained by opponents fall into the trap

First to introduce slip,Slip, The English called "BLUFF"It means holding a weak hand, but pretended to get a big way, through constant filling, even the whole way down to scare opponents win.

Slip itself is a very pleasant thing, especially when you discard numerous attached hand after holding two small cards the opponent's big scare exclusive pot, this pleasure is not an ordinary skill can bring But nor is gained can be used anytime, anywhere, with the bad often self-defeating. Here to tell you when some of the problems that need attention slip.

First, do not fight too many opponents with this skill

In fact, the fewer opponents, the more likely gained success, and the more opponents, the more likely the emergence of a "yield to" the people, and one such encounter, you can only Renzai so opponents more time Do not consider this tactic.

Second, do not fight novice or already do not have much bargaining chip of people

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Newcomers often do not understand you, said he would call to talk NOTE eyes closed. And if a person's chips have support, but the next round, he is likely to tell you desperate for a stroke, so the face of these two kinds of people Some stingy when no harm.

Third, do not try to scare a huge number of people in chips

If you lose a little chip much impact did it, some people will bravely tell you, because, as you want to slip, he also doubts the existence of your hand to him, wanted to "catch the chicken", and a huge number chips often give opponents something to countless acts of courage, and let you suffer defeat.

Fourth, if the wind unrestrained cards, then use less slip tips

Wolf story time fun. If you're always holding a small check-raise-bet, bluff opponents will soon be seen through. But if this is the case, when all of a sudden get a big rival paralysis and can take advantage of big profits a.

Use gained skills, opportune and indispensable player's bold but cautious also gained one of the factors of success.

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