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Less people playing Texas Hold'em table some experience

The following are my in Casino Sparring little mannequin Texas Hold'em(6 people) some experience.

Really want to upgrade the technology in poker who must adapt to less mannequin play, because any game, is the beginning of full table, with the players being phased out, the number of less and less, each one less person, hands, post-flop play, etc. should be changed. If fewer people station playing well, profitability will be a lot, especially when ordinary ten units, there are some players to leave after other people or fixed ideas, according to the ten stations Play Strategy Texas Hold'em And you have realized that this time should be to change the strategy, you will represent a significant advantage, playing opponents confused and disoriented.

The point is: hands compared to 10 units, can loose some, but must be "fierce" judgments imposing special emphasis on the opponent, have the opportunity to bluff, especially the size of the blinds to steal if the other party did not feel cards, you!!. To raise, reraise. analyze the opponent, we need to experience and feel. So despite winning six sets of fast, but not suitable for novice to play!

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Play 1 / 2,6 mannequin, although the small Game After if we can seize the opponent's weaknesses, a lot to take advantage of them, winning is very fast, skilled, fluctuation is very small, very small. Not as large as 20/30 game, have won more, but volatility Large, high-risk, winning is better to play a small game stability.

Every time I play with 1 / 2,6 mannequin, starting with only $ 20 on general tables, to test whether the right reasons this table: one up basically as long as there is the opportunity to fight the first few hands, ferocious, in order to control the effect of the Board, I am a little afraid to let others, if we can achieve this step, after the general will successfully steal blinds size will increase the success rate, because people feel that the size of the blinds fight with me too laborious, no meaning, others can not easily bluff me, when someone tough, I can easily judge his brand strength, to avoid his own hurt, they feel they do not win on the timely withdrawal and reduce losses.

If I on to a table, unable to control the situation, then the $ 20 is gone quickly, indicating that the table is not for me (that is, those opponents is not for me, die with, or fierce than I am, I'm not easy to win them ), I would change the table, looking for me, I'm busy place.

Fewer people station (6 tables with less) basic elements analysis:

One. More than ten sets of hands loose.

1. Because few people Desk, few people would turn around soon, if played too tight, the money may not be enough to win compensation for the size of the blinds.

2. Because few people, quality of opponents starting hands than ten stations is lower, often alone an A can win. Some need to put cards (FOLD) cards in ten stations, few people in Taiwan there may have to raise (RAISE).

II. To play fierce!

1. Because few people, after the flop, and we may force the cards have not been improved, for example after the flop, we are not into one pair, then if whoever bet (BET), who bet the maximum ( That is to say who is the most fierce), then he will dominate, often after the flop to give direct whole pot (POT).

2. If your opponent preflop holding a two single cards (not pairs), after the flop he can become one pair of ratio of about 1/3, that is to say three times, two times after the flop, he may not even one pair can not be as, if you fierce enough, you have the opportunity to seize the pot over. And even after he became a flop one pair, and you also have the possibility to enhance the brand power, or the chance to win.

3. When you're tough, you're on the momentum to a dominant position, it is easy to bluff success, especially the size can often steal the blinds (STEAL BLIND).

4. little mannequin, just to play, before the flop in general is to raise, reraise.

three. Poker table that is ideal opponent is tight and conservative people.

Opponents play tight, you size it is easy to steal their blinds. Opponents playing conservatively, not fierce, when they did not take the initiative, you know they are weak cards, you can use the "fierce" to win the pot. When they fierce up, you know they must have a good hand, and it is easy to put the card, so that they can not win your money.

IV. Value and pair of big improvements, lowering the value of the same color card connected.

1. The little mannequin, because the players less, and compared with ten units, everyone will play fierce, and therefore the need for those of the same color are connected Bo card flush or straight, their value is greatly reduced, Because you need to invest a lot of money Bo, but few players call, the pot odds are generally poor, became even Bo, win not many, if not Bo, can lose a lot of chances came from Look, it is not worth so reduce the value of the same color card connected.

2. Instead of big value and sub-improvement. For example, in 10 units, you get a 4? 4 ?, if the flop, did not come 3 4, and no possibility of Bo straight, then you usually put card. However, few people in Texas poker table, due to the pre-flop, you might raise, after the flop often only two players, and then a pair of 4 alone may win. If your opponent holds J? 10 ?, the river border (RIVER), he was able to become one pair of probability is 50%, but if you fierce enough, not to the river boundary in between, has been off the opponent, to win the pot.

As can be seen, the probability of 44 people in the case of 2 singles, winning is 57%, J 10 was 55.4 percent, more than 44 J10 dominant.

3. hands QJ, after the flop if it is QK 4 in 10 people table, you have only one pair of Q, not necessarily win, a player may hold one pair of K. However, in five sets, you alone one pair of Q greatly increased chance of winning.

4. A value would be enhanced .A 2 at 10 units, a trash hand, pre-flop it should be thrown away, but basically few people in Taiwan, A2 relative to KQ accounts for 6: 4 advantage, but if you play I was fierce enough, take the A 2 play against KQ, winning up to 60% in pre-flop, you have a 2/3 chance to be the best hand, even after the flop, your hand strength did not get promoted, you You can also play fierce, because you have not now win three sheets (OUTS), namely 3 A, you can blog, you may be able to let the opponent put fierce brand. And alone A to the river boundary, you You may be able to win.

Good few people play Texas Hold'em table, although winning easily, but this technique requires the accumulation of time and experience to appreciate slowly and summary, not overnight.

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