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Texas beat eight kinds of poker types of policies

Texas players inside, we can put all the players are divided into eight types. These eight players are divided according to the different types of playing styles to the division, because of the different playing styles, all overcome these eight Texas type of poker player is not the same tactics. Here we have a detailed talk about how to overcome them.

Rocklike players (Rocks)

Let's start an extreme player types: rock class players.

Rock class players can easily be detected, because they rarely play a hand. They sat there for hours and do nothing. They are not waiting for good cards, they are waiting for the best hand.

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If he began to take up, you can be very sure that he has five A (or better cards ...) and to God that he would win the hand.

For rock class players adjust play is very simple, just: ignore him and have the opportunity to attack his blind if he calls you raise pre-flop in, you can almost always bet to win. pot. If he starts some action, you'll avoid his edge. Even weak rock class player, but he can make money at a lower level. He only needs a fool rock class players of the profits from the selection Error opportunity bluff his players, this player said: "He has not played a hand, he now raises like a crazy player's performance - he must be bluffing!" Do not give money to him like a fool.

Idiot (Nits)

Unlike rock class players so extreme, but a very prominent player types are idiot. They try to play a good brand, but they just do not understand what is tight play.

Slob like to fold.They have learned enough stuff and think they know what they are doing.They usually hold a list of starting hands and make a solid, aggressive before the flop games.They fall into trouble after the flop and generally beyond the control of the situation to realize eventually regret involved in the hand of the game.This also applies to rock class players: a radical game against his self-esteem you no good, it is also not good for your money.Slob just looking for reasons to fold, so you give them reason.Slob rarely bluff continuation bet is the only exception.Respect this, not because you think he might begin bluffing with injection.If an idiot raise, continuation bet the flop and continue betting on the turn, he was almost sure that there is the best hand.

Weak Topology (WeakTightPlayers)

We continue to analyze the weak tight type players (rock class players and the idiot is the extreme form of this type). The main problem is the weak tight type players they do not know how to react to the attack and usually too afraid and can not make the right decision You may not be immediately noticed him, but played enough hands after you will find out who in the face of attacks too often fold attack their blinds, continuation bet and keep the (selective) aggressiveness Weak tight type players not the worst player, but you will be able to take appropriate aggressiveness reached out his wallet.

Tight fierce type (TAGs)

TAG is "tightaggressive" acronym, which means you will encounter difficulties, because you yourself are a TAG.TAG play is the best play - if BobbyFisher played poker, he should be a TAG.There is not much to say about TAGs.Once you have mastered the strategy, you have to ask yourself where your weaknesses.The same also applies to such an opponent.You can radical, but to carefully select occasions.You can also attack TAG blind, but also have to be cautious.Generally speaking, when you are dealing with a TAG can say: He is not your goal.To focus on the real fish players.If the table does not have any fish, then go to other waters to try their luck.When you deal with TAGs you can get a lot of good practice, especially against weaker TAGs at a lower level.This is a good way to discover your own weaknesses, and you can make up all the holes in the front to rise to a higher level, you will find more TAGs at a higher level.But in general, they are not your ideal opponents.

Crazy player (Maniacs)

Maniac is our current players discussed the type of player is the exact opposite of madness poker table JamesDeans: crazy and can not be uniform difference is that they are not really JamesDean so cruel - they are more like a group of players to play crazy robbers.. very loose and very aggressive. He did not think poker is a strategy game, but the greatest courage than anyone else. He must be courageous biggest players. You can easily lure players to bluff crazy. They love to bluff, you let They went so dry it. Slow play is not much action in the lower levels, but you can do this exception for the players crazy.

When you are faced with a maniac, you should: play tight lure some bluff to bluff myself not to wait for a good hand and like forest innocent little girl afraid of the big bad wolf attack.Do not let him put you drag a lot of pointless confrontation.Your friend may call you captain, but poker is a suitable occasion by making the right decisions to make money, instead of becoming the leader of the poker table.You can not deal with madness when the player himself has become like him.On opponents, you're just a name and icon.No matter how hard you try to want to see proof to the opponent, you can not prove anything to him.Try to remain calm and follow the strategy to make more money from him.Like other types of extreme gamers like crazy players have the ability to make other players lose control.If you not only want to make money opponents, and would like to leave a lasting impression on the opponent, then you'd better find a normal table opponents.You will find these tables is more profitable.

Loose-aggressive type (LAGs)

LAG is "looseaggressive" abbreviation.LAGs play a lot of cards, and they play very aggressive.They like having a certain self-control maniac.LAG play at a higher level once profitable, but time proved that they gradually tend to play due to the fluctuation in the TAG.On the lower level is: There is no LAGs.They are crazy players (and nearly mad players) and many imitators LAG not really know how to do the players (especially in FullTilt).A good LAG benefit after the flop.He made the right decision in the case of an edge in the most effective use of their cards.His loose starting hand selection makes him after the flop temporary situation these edges.Opponents often underestimate him and thought he was a maniac, but he knew what he was doing.This article is no more content to say, because of the lower level did not find any LAGs.If you see an opponent somewhat in line with this image, you can tighten hand range, lure bluff and avoid confrontation edge case to adjust your style of play.

Calling station (Callingstations)

NOTE standing with the past few years has been gradually disappearing.Some older players remember the good old days, the table is full of players do not know fold.Now it is not that common, but you can still run into them from time to time.Calling station only to know: call.They long to stay in the pot with little to show aggressiveness, even when they have a good hand when.They do not even call reason.If they call your raise, they will call on the flop your bet before the flop, even if they are holding a 6 and a 9 and the sign face is 38J case.Do not waste time trying to figure out their madness.Here's what you should do: Never bluff calling stations, and do not excessively semi-bluff.If you Marketer cards, then bet.Do not try to lure a bluff, because calling station rarely bluffing.More loose value bet.This means you can use the middle of a hand bet, because calling station may find some reason but with a worse hand call.Play draws passively; calling stations will give you free card.Remember, if a calling station performance aggressive, he might have a monster.Of course there are exceptions.When the call stood on the river did not complete the draw, they sometimes bluff.Even so, he still should follow the general value of the game.When you hit a good hand, to try as much as possible to make more money.As long as you do not let emotions out of control, it is very simple poker game.When the calling station there was a time when good luck, you can not easily control emotions.This case is the only one river came to see the cards you do not want to let the calling stations comeback.If you know so make your nerves suffering enough, then you should probably change a card table.

Donkey (Donkeys)

The donkey is used to refer to a poor level of players in general, this senseless action players.Donkey like to see a lower level does not know why the flop you raised before the flop, you do not know what will happen.He likes to bluff and said: "He did not" and are willing to call with bad hands.He likes to listen passively to play cards and in no time a river bluff opponents.He bets and raises no reason.He believes the use of bluff when defeated himself, he just does not sometimes call.He is a player to give you money.Donkeys tend to be too loose and too passive.They like to have a license and are willing to bluff slow play.They are eager to bluff.Their emotions are likely to have large fluctuations from a calling station becomes a maniac state, which depends on whether they make money or lose money.Pay attention to these cases.Most donkey several times during the game to change their style of play.The donkey does have a talent: emotional control.The problem is that not only are they out of control themselves, they are completely irrational play also with other players mood swings.Donkey like playing gutshot, they sometimes hit a straight on the river.Not everyone can handle this situation is to come back.If you encounter a donkey at the poker table, you adhere to the standard ABC play.Watch his every move.How he was playing super brand?When he folds?Not all of the donkey are the same, but they are very easy to find and give you a lot of offensive opportunities.Once you see this type of player, you can gradually earn his money away.If he is lucky, three on the river to hear gutshot, you want to keep yourself calm and avoid runaway.If you start to feel angry, then you enchant a new table.Summary You do not make money on poker, because you occasionally get stronger than the opponent's cards.Each player has the opportunity to get good cards.Play better if you want to make money, you must get good cards than your opponent when you get good cards.This is when you get the difference between the cards is the same.When you set up funds at a lower level, you no sense and the best players duel.If you have a stable mood, then go calling station, idiot, weak tight type players and players crazy.

You will encounter in middle-level enough good players lower level, there are many fools;. To find them and earn their money, which is a secret steadily upgraded when you first start playing poker. The most important thing is to increase your money. This requires that you carefully pick your opponent. Now, you know who the find, and then began to do it!

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