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Observation players: small act big secret revealed

Online Texas Hold'em Players bet speed can often reveal a lot of secrets. We know that when you play poker online betting operations have two choices.

One is your turn to be displayed when clicking a button on the screen, or Bet, or Call, or Raise, or Fold.

Another way is to use "pre-selection" function, using those "Act in turn" buttons. For example, you can turn on the selection of automatic check / fold or bet / raise before you bet, so when it's your turn, etc. The system will automatically execute your preselected instantaneously good decisions.

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Now let us look at your opponent bets or not be able to tell you what the speed. Little warning, if your opponent while playing Poker stage in two, then the situation would be quite different from the experience here might not apply.

After a long test select Check show his cards weak

Many times then your opponents have no confidence in his cards, he hopes they all follow the Check, so that you can see yourself without betting the next community card. He deliberately looked very thoughtful way, but the final choice is Check. If his aim is to Check-Raise, but he will not have that kind of long test before Check.

After a long test selection Bet strong show his cards

In this case, your opponent's cards can be very good. His long test may want you to mistake his own brand indecisive, thereby underestimating his hand and then give up the call instead.

Turn or River during the last two rounds of betting show his cards very strong automatic Bet or Raise

Remember, the last two rounds of betting are the stakes ceiling amount, but this time the public was almost brand are bright, everyone has a four or five card information. Your opponent this time with "Act in turn" function, before his turn to make a bet on Bet or Raise decision, that he is very confident on their cards. He was publicly called the number, see you dare call (most blindingly taste) . there will be a lot of people do not listen to the evil of psychology, I will be with you to fight a fight, but in most cases this point your opponent's really strong. (Of course, that regardless of the situation, except Bluffing opponent in the end) especially if he is in with a round of betting River Auto Bet or Raise, his hand is probably Nuts.

Quick Check displays his usual brand is weak, but to pay attention to his purpose is not to Check-Raise

In most cases quickly select Check that your opponents do not bet very much hope that the public will be able to see the next card, but also wary of him doing so aim was to Check-Raise yo.

Mentioned above refers to the general case is suitable for you and when you play against the use of unfamiliar opponents online, as there is nothing to him, you know.

You hope to get more understanding of the mentality of the opponent, but also careful not to let their actions reveal your secrets. Try to keep the time to deal with almost every hand, or deliberately confuse opponents purposefully mix time. These rely on yourself groping

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