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Play Texas Hold'em in a casino to make money to feed their families!

You play Texas Hold'em Winning money is not poker field! Poker games will not block you, it will not harm you out of thousands.

Texas Hold'em is the player and the player with the competition,Casino Only charge the fees as long as you level higher than others, win rate on large casinos only charge fees, the casino does not participate in the competition. If you win, it is someone else's money, not win the casino's money. With fried stock the same reason, the stock exchange only charge fees.

Other varieties like Blackjack(Black Jack), etc., flutter cheer, for a long time must be lost to the casino, or casino employee's wages come from.

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You can improve the technology to improve the profitability of poker.

Texas Hold'em is 10 minutes to learn, a lifetime to improve Game And it was because of the need skill, poker is the only hope as a profession Gambling the way.

Playing cards in the West like the Chinese people playing mahjong, chess, as can be said to be the quintessence of the children here at home monasteries, childhood will fight, as Chinese people play tractor, struggle upstream. It is because some people from childhood to play, so this game is very lightly, considered to be too simple and does not take seriously; really studied it, playing well and not many Chinese people have not been exposed before, but are willing to study learning and progress quickly, there. chance of winning them.

So what Texas Hold'em skills are?

One of which is to play good cards, hands higher. If you start two cards is not good to throw away, no loss, only good cards before playing, as designed computer programs, strict enforcement of rules. And other pure Gambling is not the same, this is little risk of the game.

What is a good brand?

Checking thousands of times through the computer, measure out the different starting hands last chance to win the so-called good brand is the chance to win more than 15% of the cards, if the other player's hands is not high enough, the long run, as long as you can They accounted for 7% of the advantage, after deducting 5% commission banker, you have the potential yield of 2%, you will be able to win money.

Earn bonus poker poker site sent (poker bonuses, POKER BONUS), to improve chances of winning, achieve more with less.

Many websites, such as PacificPoker (Pacific Poker), Party Poker, Empire Poker to send money in order to attract large customers, especially first-time deposit bonus, are generally easy to get, the condition is to fill in the "bonus code" (BONUS CODE), otherwise get after registering novice can start fake money, website send 1,000 yuan or more hit, to find the feeling, to prove himself after playing really good techniques.

Most poker bonus money earned (poker bonus, POKER BONUS) method is to Party Poker, Empire Poker, and Multi Poker: Play REAL MONEY --- TEXAS HOLD'EM --- $ 25 / NL-PL, choose PL25, namely there is a limit game (POT LIMIT).

To get $ 100 BONUS, need to play 500 hands (with RAKE hand) .PL25 games generally play around, 10 hand in hand a RAKE.500 hand about 8 probably need to play 70 laps cards.

Play around licensing costs: the small blind SB (small blind) 0.1 + big blind BB (big blind) 0.25 = 0.35, the cost of licensing for 70 laps: 0.35 X 70 = 25

This is the most conservative method of earning BONUS: USD 100 BONUS, need to play 500 hands, put blinds cost a total of $ 25, net profit of $ 75, the time required is four hours (also open four sets of play), each novice playing a station, you need 16 hours. Hourly earnings of nearly $ 18.75 per hour, about 22 Canadian dollars.

Many Chinese old man, old woman, sitting in the car to go to the casino every day free, rain or shine, this way, that is, sent to earn casino chips. Reason is the same, money is similar nature.

80000 poker win, of course, not everyone will be able to do it all at once. I did six months after a fluke, so I resigned from the casino, and that is my painstaking research and constantly sum up results. I have something to do with IT, friends usually go to work, playing poker is their hobby, they all win money! No a losing! 500--3000 every month because they have used the strategies and techniques! few detours!

Some things, others a little on the pass, but rely on themselves to realize, a year or so, I am afraid it may not be realized.

If you have a serious gambler mentality, then do not play Texas Hold'em.

If you are very careful, patient, disciplined, and willing to earn the same wage as the poker site sent monthly poker bonus (poker bonuses, POKER BONUS), with a scientific attitude towards playing cards, learning and improving constantly sum up, you There may be a profit. This is absolutely individual.

Every industry has its own rules and skills. Mastered the knack, you can cope. Big world, full of wonders, there is always an alternative way of life, people enjoy themselves, but also to some people puzzled.

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