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There are two lines in the country under the brand age, really want to go to Macau to play it! 10:00 am from Gongbei clearance went straight to the Venetian Hold'em area. Only a table full of people, the waiter if you want to express my queue, I registered queue ! I looked at the edge of the meeting, four foreigners, three mainland and three Cantonese. Table super tight, basically nothing ACTION.10 minutes less than two foreigners go, it is estimated that night, back rest Table .10 / 25, I buyin4K.

Think it over, beginning a little positive. 2 continuous to open bet c-bet to close pot. I believe that most people are not on the table may be able to.

The first three, I was in the village bit before the 4-bit level call to my call, the small blind call, the big blind raise deep foreigner BET200. Avant-garde Black northeast male call, FOLD to me (it is estimated that a foreigner should be good image) I call, the small blind fold.3 home .folpTJ6 rainbow, foreigners bet500, avant-garde black male fold, I call.turn3, there are two flowers on the table.

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check, check.riverA spades. foreigner bet300. I raise to 1300. foreigner second call. Guess what two cards.

After just put on the table that people seem to think I was lucky today, very good! And I have since heard the words of the day brother, wearing too little! Break wearing a blue T-shirt, a little cold stomach pain.Quickly called a cup of hot water.However, brand but Hing unusually, various SET, with flower, basically even began to lag behind, and the card can overtake.The foreigners started calling me LUCKY BULE BOY.But turning the tables with the new addition of the occurrence of sudden change, naturally, and I related.A 22CALL a short code ALLIN (1K) opponents AQ, A river out.Then two enemy cards lose 3K.13K chips when dropped from the highest 7K.And he is playing very tight, but basically no more than one hour licensing.Just carefully observe each person's number and style of play.But after all, can not change some of my own inherent problems, following which the impulse or courage, gud know.

I was in the post position, JQo anterior flat CALL into four, I OPEN 200 (I have tightened over one hour, the end of the month is not enough to grab it?) FOLD to fierce loose anterior foreigner India (8K chips) CALL. Other people fold.FLOP JT8 two square pieces. foreigner feel like to bully me bet 650, I thought about it for about two minutes allin (6K6). foreigner Let me put chips into them, and then began to tangle. I can honestly deadpan .3 minutes after looking at the desktop heard the sound of shrill CALL.

After just that the entire Texas district has some small excitement, I went straight to the toilet, came back at the table gathered a dozen players of all colors. I returned to my seat, we knocked the table, indicate just that hand wonderful. Asan was some influenced by emotional factors, but good luck. buyin1K of Hong Kong with a pre-flop ALLIN. Asan 88, Hong Kong AKs.FLOP the set, not the flowers. chips rose

. 3k5 continuous action and clearly directed at me, I CALL, will raise an instant I raise will come to call this hand..:

Asan anterior open 150call into a fold to me (QQ), I thought about slow play a .call. Three fight cards .flop J, 4,4 no flowers. Asan check, the median check to me.

.. BET650 A three seconds allin median fold, I said something: give you a chance second call!.

I feel a little bit tired, and was prepared to 15,000 yards away, he looked at his watch 4:30, 5:00 and thought go! But single-handedly ushered in the most thrilling, so I now want to come, or fear!

Call the three fold flat to me in a post-digit call, Zhuang bit (short code) tight weak (fish) call, the small blind (10K +) fold, the big blind (Black northeast M) raise225.fold to my call, Chuang bit call.flop As, Qd, 9d, the big blind C-BET 350, I call, the small blind call.

turn 5s big blind RAISE 500. I call, Zhuang call.river 7c big blind CHECK

I thought about it for half a minute raise3600. Zhuang (FLAC 1K8) tangled fold. Northeast M played well, should belong to tight fierce type, infinite tangle, the face of this seemingly super pot of raise

DRAW MISSING BLUFF.5 minute after test bluff, Ah, Kh. What should CALL or fold.

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