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Handicap language teaching series three - Half-fried underdog teams, the second half on a lure

Or the old rules, to the actual event as an example.

22:05 Zurich (center) 2-0 Hua Douz

1, Zurich strength, so under the circumstances, China's position Douz 1 / 1.5 ball more reasonable, but the current situation is not optimistic Zurich, so normal ball Handicap reasonable out

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2, because the odds are reasonable, so bilateral chips should be mistaken about the same, this time there no matter win or lose control of the dealer has no need now is to take the site to watch the chips went to the other side.

3, Zurich successfully attack the first half two goals, positive morale expensive, but this time, the midfielder has become Handicap allow 0.05 goals, 0.75 water around, folded into hemisphere, the water is about 1.08 Zurich hemisphere, such Handicap home team will be relatively heat.

Since making the whole dish without much profit margins, then half the chips flowing disc Zurich, I estimate the dealer will then drink the blood of the midfielder disk lure.

In this case, we are still the old rules, never heated side bets.

Hua Doods should be our best choice betting direction.

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