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Handicap Language Teaching Series IV - How to determine the size of the ball

This is a more abstract problem, sometimes not necessarily a deep dish is a big ball, sometimes not necessarily be popular events is the big ball. This issue must be considered abstract.

For example: Napoli VS Palermo

How to determine the size of this ball ball it?

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1, the first to analyze the odds out of mind.

Theoretically, Palermo and Naples almost the same strength, Handicap out of 1 / 1.5 ball apparently relatively deep, but considering last season and this season's performance, 1 / 1.5 Ball Handicap but understandable. Such discs under the mouth is difficult to judge the size of the ball.

2, to see who the most urgent rush hours, according to the Serie A relegation system, Palermo is currently ranked second to last, the urgent need to protect scores level.

The home team is also need to grab points in the top three positions.

Then the two sides will now scraping, inevitably conduct offensive wars

The game can be seen now no one wants points, in this case will be wide open. Were to attack each event. Such events can be considered the basic bet big ball

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